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has various obstacles that the hero must go through to succeed, just like what we are studying in

our English class.” I then asked “What are you studying?” She replied, “We are reading Homer’s

Odyssey, and then we are watching the movie. We also have to write our own mythological

story” (connecting). Several of the other students, who are in the same class, began to state,

“Yeah, it is just like that.” I immediately realized (connecting) that there was a teachable

moment and a cross-curricular opportunity with the sophomore language arts curriculum. After a

few meetings with the language arts teacher, we created a lesson and assignments that the

students could use for both classes and receive dual credit. I asked (questioning) the orchestra

students, “Do you remember the song that you chose as your theme music? How can you use that

song to enhance your mythological story?” (predicting). One student stated that they could find

other songs for the characters that they create. Others stated (summarizing) that they could use

the music from Russlan and Ludmilla and add it to their story. I then explained that both answers

were correct. Either enhancement would work. The assignment was to create a mythological

story in which the student was the main character (connecting). They had to include all of the

requirements from their language arts class and add new elements from the orchestra class

(connecting). If they had already completed the assignment because they were a junior or senior,

they could use their prior work. From the orchestra class, the students had to include thematic

music for each character. They could choose their themes from any genre and time period as

long as they were able to justify their choices. A separate page was created at the end of the

mythological story that explained each character and the reasoning behind their choice of

thematic music. The students then created playlists on their MP3 players that contained all of

their thematic music and presented their myths to each class (orchestra and language arts) with

their added soundtracks. I asked (questioning) the orchestra class, “Do you think that the added

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