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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 18 / Friday, January 27, 2006 / Notices


In addition to duty-free access to the U.S. sugar market under NAFTA, Mexico may enter under the provisions of Additional U.S. Note 5 of chapter 17 of the HTS 2,954 metric tons, raw value, of duty-free sugar under subheadings

      • 1701.12.10

        , 1701.91.10, 1701.99.10,

      • 1702.90.10

        and 2106.90.44 during a FY

2006 quota period which opened September 8, 2005.

Notice: I hereby give notice, in accordance with Annex 703.2 of the NAFTA, that an aggregate quantity of up to 250,383 metric tons, raw value, of sugar described in subheadings

      • 1701.11.10

        , 1701.12.10, 1701.91.10,

      • 1701.99.10

        , 1702.90.10 and 2106.90.44,

of the HTS may be entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption during the period from October 1, 2005, through September 30, 2006. The quantity is based upon the Departments projection of Mexicos net production surplus of sugar which is available for export to the United States. The entire amount, which is authorized for duty-free entry, is accounted for by the domestic cane sugar marketing allotment that the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) estimates will not be filled in FY 2006. CCC is reassigning this deficit quantity to imports, pursuant to section 359e(b)(1)(D) of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as

amended (7 U.S.C. 1359ee(b)(1)(D)). I have further determined that all

entries of sugar entered from Mexico under the provisions of Annex 703.2 of the NAFTA during FY 2006 require Certificates for Quota Eligibility issued by the USDA Licensing Authority.

Signed at Washington, DC the 18th day of January, 2006.

A. Ellen Terpstra, Administrator, Foreign Agricultural Service. [FR Doc. E61030 Filed 12606; 8:45 am]



Notice of Lewis and Clark County Advisory Committee Meeting

AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA. ACTION: Notice of meeting.

SUMMARY: Pursuant to the authorities in the Federal Advisory Committee Act (Pub. L. 92463) and under the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self- Determination Act of 2000 (Pub. L. 106393) the Helena National Forests Lewis and Clark County Resource Advisory Committee will meet on Monday February 27 from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. in Helena, Montana, for a business

meeting. The meeting is open to the public.

DATES: Monday, February 27, 2006.

ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held in the conference room at the Helena Chamber of Commerce, 225 Cruse Avenue, Helena, MT 59601.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Duane H. Harp, Designated Forest Official (DFO), District Ranger, Helena Ranger District, Helena National Forest, at (406) 4495490.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Agenda topics for this meeting include review of projects proposed for funding and public comment as authorized under Title II of Pub. L. 106393. If the meeting location is changed, notice will be posted in local newspapers, including the Helena Independent Record.

Dated: January 20, 2006. Duane H. Harp, District Ranger. [FR Doc. E61028 Filed 12606; 8:45 am]



Notice for Requests for Proposals for Guaranteed Loans Under the Section 538 Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Program (GRRHP) for Fiscal Year 2006

AGENCY: Rural Housing Service, USDA. ACTION: Notice.

SUMMARY: This is a request for proposals for loan guarantees under the section 538 Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Program (GRRHP) pursuant to 7 CFR 3565.4 for Fiscal Year (FY) 2006 subject to the availability of funding. FY 2006 funding for the section 538 program is $99 million. Applicants will submit proposals in the form of ’’RESPONSES.’’ The commitment of program dollars will be made to applicants of selected responses that have fulfilled the necessary requirements for obligation. The commitment of program dollars will be made to applicants of selected responses that have fulfilled the necessary requirements for obligation, to the extent an appropriation act provides funding for GRRHP for FY 2006. Expenses incurred in developing applications will be at the applicants risk. The following paragraphs outline the timeframes, eligibility requirements, lender responsibilities, and the overall response and application processes.

The GRRHP operates under 7 CFR part 3565. The GRRHP Origination and Servicing Handbook (HB13565) is

available to provide lenders and the general public with guidance on program administration. HB13565, which contains a copy of 7 CFR part 3565 in Appendix 1, can be found at the Rural Development Instructions Web site address http:// www.rurdev.usda.gov/regs/ hblist.html#hbw6.

Eligible lenders are invited to submit responses for the development or acquisition with rehabilitation of affordable rental housing to serve rural America. In addition, this fiscal year, guarantees will be available for the revitalization, repair, and transfer cost of existing direct section 515 housing (transfer costs are subject to Agency approval and must be an eligible use of loan proceeds as listed in 7 CFR 3565.205). In order to be considered, direct section 515 housing projects must need repairs and/or undergo revitalization of a minimum of $6,500 per unit.

The Rural Housing Service (RHS) will review responses submitted by eligible lenders, on the lenders letterhead, and signed by both the prospective borrower and lender. Although a complete application is not required in response to this Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), eligible lenders may submit a complete application concurrently with the response. However, submitting a complete application will not have an effect on the responses score.

DATES: The RHS will review and score all responses received through June 16, 2006. Those responses that are selected that subsequently submit complete applications and meet all Federal environmental requirements will receive commitments to the extent an appropriation act provides funding for GRRHP for FY 2006 until all funds are expended. Responses received prior to June 16, 2006, that meet program criteria, but score less than 25 points or score 25 points or more but have a development cost ratio of equal to or more than 70 percent may be selected for obligation after June 16, 2006, with the highest scoring responses receiving priority as long as funds remain available. The Agency will continue to select the highest scoring NOFA responses received after June 16, 2006, notwithstanding the score, as long as the response meets program criteria and funds remain available. A notice will be placed in the Federal Register when all funds are committed for FY 2006.

Eligible lenders mailing a response or application must provide sufficient time to permit delivery to the ‘‘Submission Address’’ on or before the closing deadline date and time. Acceptance by

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15:17 Jan 26, 2006

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