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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 18 / Friday, January

27, 2006 / Notices


substitute for multifamily construction experience.

each loan it underwrites or contract these services to another capable entity

Lender Responsibilities: Lenders will be responsible for the full range of loan origination, underwriting, management, servicing, compliance issues, and property disposition activities associated with their projects. The lender will be expected to provide guidance to the prospective borrower on the RHS requirements during the application phase. Once the guarantee is issued, the lender is expected to service

Discussion of NOFA

Content of NOFA Responses: All responses require lender information and project specific data. Incomplete responses will not be considered for funding. Lenders will be notified of incomplete responses. Complete responses are to include a signed cover letter from the lender on the lenders letterhead and the following information:


(1) Lender certificationThe lender must certify that the lender will make a loan to the prospective borrower for the proposed project, under specified terms and conditions subject to the issuance of the GRRHP guarantee. Lender certification must be on the lenders letterhead and signed by both the lender and the prospective borrower.

(2) Project specific data—The lender must submit the project specific data below on the lenders letterhead, signed by both the lender and the prospective borrower.

Lender Name

Insert the lenders name.

Lender Tax ID #

Insert lenders tax ID #.

Lender Contact Name

Name of the lender contact for loan.

Mailing Address

Lenders complete mailing address.

Phone #

Phone # for lender contact.

Fax #

Insert lenders fax #.

E-mail Address

Insert lender contact e-mail address.

Borrower Name and Organization Type

State whether borrower is a Limited Partnership, Corporation, In- dian Tribe, etc.

Tax Classification Type

State whether borrower is for profit, not for profit, etc.

Borrower Tax ID #

Insert borrowers tax ID #.

Borrower Address, including County

Insert borrowers address and county.

Borrower Phone #

Insert borrowers phone #.

Principal or Key Member for the Borrower

Insert name and title.

Borrower Information and Statement of Housing Development Expe- rience

Attach relevant information.

New Construction, Acquisition With Rehabilitation, or the Revital- ization, Repair, and Transfer Cost of Existing Direct Section 515 Housing

State whether the project is new construction or acquisition with re- habilitation. Transfer costs are subject to Agency approval and must be an eligible use of loan proceeds listed in 7 CFR 3565.205.

Project Location Town or City

Town or city in which the project is located.

Project County

County in which the project is located.

Project State

State in which the project is located.

Project Zip Code

Insert zip code.

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