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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 18 / Friday, January 27, 2006 / Notices

Project Congressional District

Congressional District for project location.

Project Name

Insert project name.

Project Type

Family, senior (all residents 55 years or older), or mixed.

Property Description and Proposed Development Schedule

Provide as an attachment.

Total Project Development Cost

Enter amount for total project.

# of Units

Insert the # of units in the project.

Ratio of 35 bedroom units to total units

Insert percentage of 35 bedroom units to total units.

Cost Per Unit

Total development cost divided by # of units.


Proposed rent structure.

Median Income for Community

Provide median income for the community.

Evidence of Site Control

Attach relevant information.

Description of Any Environmental Issues

Attach relevant information.

Loan Amount

Insert the loan amount.

Interest Credit (IC)

Is interest credit requested for this loan? (Yes or No)

Basis Points over the Long Term Monthly Applicable Federal Rate

Lenders seeking interest credit must provide the maximum basis points above the Long Term Monthly AFR that will be used to calculate the interest rate. Priority points will only be given for basis points equal to or less than 250 above the Long Term Monthly AFR.

If Above Is Yes, Should Proposal Be Considered Under Non-Interest Credit Selection If Scoring Does Not Meet the Minimum Point Threshold of 55 Points for an Interest Credit Award?

If Yes, proposal must show financial feasibility for Non-IC consider- ation.

Borrowers Proposed Equity

Insert amount.

Tax Credits

Will the project be allocated tax credits? How much? What is the es- timated value of the tax credits awarded?

Other Sources of Funds

List all funding sources other than tax credits and amounts for each source.

Loan to Total Development Cost

Guaranteed loan divided by the total development costs of project.

Debt Coverage Ratio

Net Operating Income divided by debt service payments.

Percentage of Guarantee

Percentage guarantee requested.


Attach relevant information.

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15:17 Jan 26, 2006

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