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IET 361 Construction Technology 3(1-4)

IET 451 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 3(2-2)

Laboratory and classroom experience designed to develop skills and knowl- edge relating to noncommercial construction. Field experiences are used when applicable.

Complete fundamentals of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) concepts as interpreted in the American National Standards Institute document ANSI Y14.5M, Dimensioning and Tolerancing. Prerequisite: IET 359.


Course Descriptions

IET 363 Building Code Enforcement 3(3-0)

IET 454 Mechanical Design Problems 3(2-2)

A comprehensive study of construction building code enforcement. Topics will include the permit process, inspection process, and the legal aspects of building code enforcement. Recommended: IET 361. This course is approved for offering in a distance learning format.

Study of problem solving, applied mechanics, manufacturing methods, and the generation, transformation, or consumption of mechanical energy in the design of a mechanical system. Prerequisite: IET 379.

IET 455 Tool Design 3(2-2)

IET 365 Plastics Technology 3(2-2) Introduces basic polymer formulization, properties of plastics materials, meth- ods of molding plastics, and the fabrication and decoration of plastic articles.

Covers the process of planning and developing tools, fixtures, and devices for efficient and economical manufacture of a product. Prerequisites: IET 170, IET 359.

IET 367 International Building Codes 3(3-0)

IET 457 Computer-Aided Design 3(2-2)

Comprehensive study of the International Building Codes. Topics include International Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Fire Codes. Recommended: IET 361. This course is approved for offering in a distance learning format.

Development and production of computer generated graphical images for solid-based models and basic system assemblies utilizing mass properties and boolean operations. Recommended: IET 359.

IET 458 Surface Modeling 3(2-2)

IET 368 International Residential Code 3(3-0)

Comprehensive study of International Residential Code for One and Two- Family Dwellings. Topics include all residence code requirements for building a home according to IRC 2000. Recommended: IET 361. This course is approved for offering in a distance learning format.

IET 375 Robotics 3(2-2) A basic study of robotics including components, programming, and industrial applications. Prerequisite: IET 291. Recommended: IET 292.

IET 376 Metal Processing I 3(1-4) A study of fundamental machine tool and foundry processes. Prerequisite: IET 170.

Development and production of industrial and engineering designs with con- ceptual and parametric surface modeling tools. Utilization of generative shape design functions to model engineering designs. Prerequisites: IET 359.

IET 459 Computer-Aided Design Engineering Analysis 3(2-2)

Development and production of computer-generated graphical images for advanced finite element models, setting of load and thermal constraints; intro- duction to mechanism analysis. Recommended: IET 458.

IET 475 Metallurgy and Materials Testing 3(2-2) The study of physical metallurgy and material testing as they relate to metal- lic materials.

IET 483 Automotive Electrical Systems 3(2-2)

IET 377 Computer Numerical Control Programming 3(2-2)

Programming and operation of CNC machines, including CNC vertical milling center and turning center. Emphasis on manual programming, CAM design, and machine setup and operation. Prerequisites: IET 154, 170.

Fundamentals and principles of servicing and repairing automotive electri- cal systems including the ignition, starting, charging, lighting, and electrical accessories systems.

IET 485 Fuels and Lubricants 3(2-2)

IET 379 Mechanics of Materials 3 (3-0)

Introduction to methods of determining the internal stresses and deflections of basic load-carrying members of construction and machine applications. Prerequisites: PHY 145, PHY 175; or PHY 130, PHY 170.

Astudy of automotive fuels and fuel systems, engine emissions, and lubricants using and engine dynamometer and various ASTM fuel and lubricant testing procedures. Prerequisites: IET 385.

IET 486 Automotive Testing 3(1-4)

IET 382 Vehicle Control Systems 3(2-2) A study of principles of operation, diagnosis, and service procedures related to automotive steering, braking, and suspension systems.

A course designed to promote automotive-related testing and diagnostic pro- cedures. Includes mechanical systems, electronic/electrical, fuel and lubricant ASIM tests. Prerequisites: IET 382, IET 483, IET 485.

IET 385 Automotive Engines 3(1-4) Design, construction, operation, and service procedures involved in both reciprocating and rotary engines.

IET 497 Special Studies 1-6(Spec) Individual investigation and research to increase ones technical compe- tency

IET 388 Automotive Power Transmission 3(2-2) A study of the various automotive power transmission components including clutches, transmission, drive shafts, and rear axle/differential assemblies.

IET 397 Special Studies 1-6(Spec) Individual investigation and research to increase ones technical compe- tency

IET 425 Industrial Internship 2-8(Spec) Supervised work experiences in industry. CR/NC only. Prerequisite: depart- mental permission.

IET 500 Production Concepts 3(3-0)

Comprehensive review of current factors which influence productivity. Em- phasis is placed on the integration of people, methods, machines, materials, and management. Prerequisite: 12 IET credit hours.

IET 501 Application of Industrial Management Principles 3(3-0)

A study of industrial management as a process of coordination that exhibits different patterns depending on the manager’s level in the organization and functional responsibilities. Prerequisite: 12 IET credit hours.

IET 502 Computer Applications in Industry 3(3-0)

IET 426 Plant Layout and Materials Handling 3(3-0) Study of plant layout through the development of overall layout, area detailing, scale models, and drawing of flow diagrams.

General/special purpose, digital/analog computer applications in industry and automation with emphasis on input/output devices and process control. Prerequisite: 12 IET credit hours.

IET 427 Product Reliability and Safety 3(3-0) Astudy of product reliability and safety factors affecting the design, production, distribution, sales, and use. Prerequisite: 12 hours of IET coursework.

IET 524 Technology and Environment 3(3-0)

A study of the relationship between technology and environment. A systems approach is utilized to examine the optimization of technology within environ- mental constraints. Prerequisite: 12 IET credit hours.

IET 428 Manufacturing Quality 3(3-0)

Study of specific quality techniques used by production departments to monitor processes, products, and reliability so quality can be improved. Prerequisites: junior standing; permission of instructor.

IET 527 Industrial Safety Management 3(3-0)

A comprehensive study of safety management systems and their implication related to accident cost analysis and to programs which comply with state and federal standards. Prerequisite: IET 327.

IET 443 Process Color Procedures 3(2-2) A review of contacting and halftone procedures relating to the preparation of materials for four color process printing. Prerequisite: IET 143.

IET 446 Advanced Camera Techniques 3(2-2)

An in-depth study of photo mechanical techniques and processes including continuous-tone production; half-tone procedure and problem solving for special copy. Prerequisites: IET 143, IET 343.

IET 450 Machine Design Graphics 3(2-2) Design layouts, calculations, and detail and assembly drawings of machines are made. Prerequisites: IET 359.

IET 532 Careers and Technology for Children 3(2-2)

Developing interdisciplinary instructional units, manipulatives, and pedagogy to provide K-12 students with meaningful career awareness, exploration, and preparation experiences utilizing industrial materials, tools, and processes. Prerequisite: junior, senior or graduate status in teacher education.

IET 543 Production Printing Methods 3(2-2) An overview of electronic prepress methods relating to the Macintosh computer environment. Prerequisites: IET 143, IET 349.

IET 561 Light Frame Construction Workshop 3(0-6) A workshop on estimating, scheduling, building codes, and construction techniques for frame buildings. Recommended: IET 361.

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