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Students planning to enroll through off-campus programs must apply to and be admitted to the university. Applications should be initiated as early as possible prior to the beginning of the registra- tion period for the first class in which the student intends to enroll. Application forms may be obtained from any program center or can be completed online at www.cel.cmich.edu/future/apply/de- fault.html. Completed forms can be submitted online, given to the program center office, or sent to ProfEd. Consult the relevant section below on “Application for Admission to Undergraduate Study” or “Application for Admission to Graduate Study” for ad- ditional information on the application process. The final decision on admission is made on campus after the application and all supporting materials have been received and evaluated.

Undergraduate admission: An undergraduate student planning to transfer from another institution with an undergraduate GPA below 2.0 will be ineligible for consideration at CMU for at least one semester. An undergraduate student who was academically dismissed from another college or university is ineligible for con- sideration at CMU for at least one year following dismissal.

Central Michigan University students admitted to a campus program may transfer to programs offered through the off-campus program centers if the student meets departmental admission requirements. Conversely, a student admitted through the off- campus programs may transfer to any program listed in the current Central Michigan University Bulletin, if the student meets depart- ment admission requirements, is accepted by the department, and is able to attend classes on campus. Because the MSA is not a business degree, students who contemplate transfer from the off-campus programs to the on-campus MBA program are advised that their MSA courses will not transfer to the MBA program.

English Language Services: English language services are not offered at Central Michigan University off-campus locations.

Application for Admission to Undergraduate Study

The off-campus programs have two types of admission status at the undergraduate level, regular and special, which may be granted to qualified applicants. Admission is valid only if you register for coursework within one calendar year of your effective admission date.

Types of Undergraduate Admission

Regular Admission: Regular admission is for those students seeking a bachelor’s degree from CMU. Regular admission allows a student to enroll in any coursework the student may need to complete her or his degree, provided specific course prerequisites have been met. There are three ways a student may be granted regular admission:

High School Diploma: A graduate of a high school or an equiva- lent institution who has not matriculated at another two or four year institution may be granted regular admission to the Off-Campus programs upon presentation of an official transcript representing a satisfactory academic record and graduation.

GED: Applicants may also document high school completion through the General Education Development (GED) examination program. A certified copy of the applicant’s GED test score docu- ment must accompany the application.

Transfer Student: Students may be granted regular admission based on the following: if they have pursued education beyond high school and taken coursework at an accredited college or university, or from a foreign university or college approved by the government (or the official agency of the country in which the uni- versity or college is located), and attained a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Submit one official copy of each transcript to ProfEd.

Special Admission: Special admission may be granted to any student possessing a high school diploma or equivalent and not seeking a CMU degree. A student seeking special admission need not provide documentation of her or his high school diploma. Students granted special admission are limited to no more than a total of 12 semester hours.

Special admission may also be granted to an applicant who does not meet all requirements for regular admission or whose personal competencies the university may wish to assess prior to granting regular admission. All students who are permitted to enroll in coursework prior to receiving formal notification of regular admission are granted special admission. Special admission, even when accompanied by assignment of an academic advisor, does not constitute final admission for the purpose of pursuing a degree.

After a student is granted regular admission, all courses suc- cessfully completed while the student had special admission status may be applied to the degree program at the discretion of the academic advisor with approval from the Undergraduate Off Campus Programs director.

Undergraduate Admission Process

To apply for undergraduate admission, the individual shall:

  • 1.

    Complete the Application for Admission form online or submit it to ProfEd with the appropriate application fee.

  • 2.

    Request the appropriate documentation needed to be sent directly to ProfEd:

    • a.

      Official high school transcripts requested from the prin- cipal of the high school attended, or

    • b.

      Certified copy of the GED test score secured from the school district which awarded the GED to document satisfactory completion of the exam, or

    • c.

      One official copy of each undergraduate transcript requested from the registrar of each institution you attended.

The final decision on admission is made after all materials have been received and evaluated. The student will be sent official notification of admission status.

A student who does not register for a class within one year of notification of admission (“no-show”) must reapply for admission and will be required to follow current admission procedures and pay the current application fee. A student who does not register for a class within three years of completion of a previous class will be placed on “inactive” status. If the student wishes to enroll in subsequent courses, he or she must submit another application and again supply appropriate transcripts and/or materials/docu- ments.

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