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Registration for Classes

Registration for classes is conducted through the appropriate program center office or through online registration.

A graduate student may not be enrolled in more than 15 credits of classes that meet during each of the following periods: Janu- ary 1-May 15; May 16-August 15; August 16-December 31. No undergraduate student will be permitted to be enrolled in more than 21 credits during any of the following periods: January 1-May 15; May 16-August 15; August 16-December 31.

This includes on-site class formats and online courses and any combination of the two delivery formats. (For all courses, the end- ing date of the course will determine into which registration period the course falls.) Exceptions to this credit hour limitation will be granted for extenuating circumstances only and require approval. Contact the academic advisor for more information.

The formal registration period begins well before the beginning of the class or term. At some locations, reservations for a class may be accepted several weeks in advance of the registration period. Undergraduate students are eligible to enroll in course levels numbered 100-599. Many 500-level courses are considered either graduate or undergraduate, depending on the student’s status. The 500-level learning packages are NOT offered for graduate credit. Courses numbered 600-900 are open only to graduate students.

Registration procedures may vary somewhat from one center to another; therefore, students should contact the center offering the course for explicit instructions. Students can register online. Directions are included in the Term Schedules.

Your registration is not “official” until you have been registered in the on-campus computerized registration system. CMU is not able to “officially” register you for any class if you have not been admitted to the university or if you have any hold. (A hold on registration occurs if you have any financial obligation to the university or any academic or administrative problem such as a dismissal, probation, or missing transcripts.)

If you cannot be registered for class, your registration and pay- ment will be returned and your name will be removed from the class list.

Although every effort is made by Central Michigan University to adhere to its published schedule, the university maintains the right to add courses and to cancel and/or change scheduled courses or course dates.

Students registering for courses offered through CMU Online must be admitted to Central Michigan University and possess a cumulative grade point average at or above 2.00 for all college study. Registration for these courses takes place during the regularly scheduled registration period.

Directions for using the system are available in the term sched- ule or online at www.cel.cmich.edu/ecampus. The CMU Online offices are open during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Further information regarding course schedules, enroll- ment procedures, or registration instructions is available at our World Wide Web site at www.cel.cmich.edu/ecampus. Questions relating to registration may be directed to 800-688-4268.

Registration for Independent Study

MSA students desiring independent study must submit an MSA 691 Independent Study Request to the academic advisor. The application must contain a detailed explanation of the proposed study, the purpose of the study, and the methodology to be employed. The academic advisor will review the application to ascertain whether:

  • a.

    The independent study is directly related to the student’s academic program.

  • b.

    The student cannot obtain equivalent experience through a regular course.

  • c.

    The proposed study is of the quality and level expected for the student’s degree program. The academic advisor has the prerogative of altering the number

of hours requested for the independent study, but in no case may the number of hours exceed the number stated for the specified course in the current CMU Bulletin. For example, MSA 691 is 1-2 semester hours.

The academic advisor or the student may recommend an inde- pendent study instructor. (If the student suggests an instructor, the student should notify the individual that her or his name will be suggested.) The faculty assignment coordinator will assign the instructor. The instructor recommends approval, with modification, or disapproval of the independent study. The instructor will be responsible for providing the student with guidance throughout the study and for evaluating the student’s work at the end of the study.

If the independent study is approved by the appropriate academic unit on campus, the student will be sent a copy of the independent study form confirming the instructor for the course, the amount of credit permitted for the course, the course number, and the fee for registration. The student must complete registration for the study by sending a completed Registration and Payment Receipt Form and payment to the program center office. If the student does not complete registration within 90 days, the independent study approval will be canceled unless the student applies (in writing) and receives an extension.

The student must submit two copies of the final project to the instructor. If the student wants copies of the instructor’s final comments, the student should include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.


All fees are set by the University Board of Trustees and are sub- ject to change without notice. Fees are assessed independently of the tuition rate and tuition refunds are provided according to the Refund Policy. Fees are payable by check, money order, electronic check online, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa. Students receive electronic statements from the CMU Student Account Services and University Billing office. Students are responsible for accessing their e-mail messages for monthly account balances and payment due dates on the CMU Portal.

Application Fee

A fee of $50 is assessed with the initial application to cover all application handling costs and admission materials.

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