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Financial Aid

  • 3.

    Enroll at least half-time.

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    Meet the general eligibility requirements. Federal direct loan funds may be paid on one or two payments (disbursements). Students who have fall/spring loans will receive one payment in the fall and one in the spring semester. One semester loans will be paid on one disbursement.

Fresh (0-25)



Soph (26-55)



Junior (56-85)



Senior (86+)






Note: Your loan limit cannot exceed your cost of attendance minus other financial aid you receive.

Federal Direct Loan Amount for

Loan Limits a Full Academic Year

Dependent Student

Independent Student


Credit Hours Earned

Cumulative Limits Subsidized (Need-Based) Loans: Undergraduate Study .............................................$23,000 Graduate Study,

Including loans for Undergraduate Study ............$65.500

Subsidized Loans plus Unsubsidized (Non-Need) Loans: Dependent Undergraduate Student .......................$23,000 Independent Undergraduate Student .....................$46,000 Graduate or Professional Student,

including loans for Undergraduate Study ..........$138,500

Health Professions Students ................................$224,000

Note: The loan limits cannot exceed the budget minus other financial aid you receive.

Veterans Educational Benefits

A student who is a veteran or a member of the armed forces may be entitled to educational benefits from the United States Depart- ment of Veteran Affairs. If eligible for such benefits, the student will receive them upon application, regardless of income or other educational support received from non-federal sources. Normally, a student will not be eligible for benefits if receiving other types of educational support from the federal government for the same courses. The VA will not reimburse students for the cost of prior learning assessment credit.

All VA course scheduling and benefit paperwork should be pro- cessed through the same Off-Campus Program Center office in which the student is registered for classes.

Students must complete a VA Enrollment/Registration Form at www.financialaid.cmich.edu/forms/VetReg.pdf each semester to be eligible for education benefits. Please contact the OSFA for additional information regarding application procedures.

All Michigan VA and benefit paperwork will be processed through the Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant Of- fice of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA), 202 Warriner Hall, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI 48859, phone 989-774-3674 or 888-392-0007.

All non-Michigan VA paperwork will be processed by the local program center.

Regulations: The USDVA is very strict in enforcing policies governing certification and payment to students receiving veteran’s educational benefits. Each regional office may have slightly dif- ferent guidelines and restrictions, and students enrolled in an extended degree program offered in a particular state are subject to the regulations set by that state’s approving agency. Therefore, each student applying for

Veteran’s educational benefits should consult the program ad- ministrator for specific regulations.

The following information supersedes all previous statements concerning students receiving veteran’s benefits:

As a student applying/receiving benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA), you should be aware of the guidelines that will affect the receipt of payments while you are enrolled at Central Michigan University.

Registration for Benefits

All eligible students are required to register for educational ben- efits with the Central Michigan University OSFA office in order to receive benefits. For Michigan students, the OSFA office is the campus office in Warriner Hall (see above). For non-Michigan students, the OSFA office is the local program center office. VA students in Off Campus Programs must apply for VA educational benefits at the center in the area where the courses will be of- fered.


Students receiving VA benefits must notify CMU’s OSFA Office when a change is made in their enrollment status. If this notifica- tion is not given, CMU will notify the USDVA that the last day of attendance was the first day of the course(s).

Declaring a Major

All undergraduate students must declare their major with Central Michigan University and the USDVA by the time they have earned 56 credit hours. Students must submit a copy of their academic audit (audits are completed by the Undergraduate Academic Services Office) as soon as they have declared their major and minor and received acceptance into a program of study. Failure to comply with this requirement will prevent certification of eligibil- ity for future enrollments. VA students in the undergraduate Off Campus Programs must submit an approved copy of their program plan to the CMU OSFA Office.

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