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Academic Policies and Procedures


Academic Policies and Procedures

Grading Systems

The university undertakes to evaluate the amount and to appraise the quality of work done by its students according to specified quantitative and qualitative standards. 1) The quantitative unit of credit is the semester hour. 2) The qualitative credit is the grade or rating used by the instructor to indicate an evaluation of the results accomplished. See the following sections for undergradu- ate and graduate standing.

An official “Grade” will be available to the student at the end of each class. Grades may take as long as one month to be avail- able to the student after the end of the class. Students wishing to receive information about their grade(s) should consult their program center for instructions or access the CMU Portal to review their grades at https://portal.cmich.edu in the academic section, or provide their instructor with a self-addressed, stamped envelope or postcard.

Departments designate which of their courses may be taken on a credit/no credit basis and whether such credit may be applied to a major or a minor. A department may offer certain courses exclusively on a credit/no credit basis after approval by the ap- propriate curricular authorities and publication in the University Bulletin or the on-campus Class Schedule booklet.

A maximum of 25 semester hours of credit earned under the credit/no credit option may be applied toward an undergradu- ate degree. Courses exclusively offered on this basis are not included in the 25-hour restriction. Students may not take more than two courses or 7 hours for credit/no credit in the University Program.

Procedures and deadlines for registering for courses on a credit/no credit basis can be found in the current Class Schedule booklet. A student who officially elects the credit/no credit option for a course may not change the registration to a letter grade designation after the deadline.




A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- E



Honor Points Per Semester Hour

4.0 3.7 3.3 3.0 2.7 2.3 2.0 1.7 1.3 1.0 0.7 0.0




No Grade Submitted


No Credit








Deferred Grade


Honors Program

Not included in computing hours and points.

(Designates Honors Credit in combination with letter grade)

Grade Point Average: The Grade Point Average (GPA) for undergraduate students is found by dividing the total honor points earned by the total hours attempted. Students may access the automatic GPA calculator at www.registrars.cmich.edu/records/ gpa/gpacalc1.htm.

Credit/No Credit Policy: An undergraduate student may take courses on a Credit/No Credit basis subject to regulations summa- rized here. The option is elected by submitting an Undergraduate Credit/No Credit Request Card to the Program Center before the published deadline.

The instructor is not notified when a course is taken credit/no credit and so assigns the student a letter grade. The grade is automatically converted to credit or no credit according to the following guidelines. The student earns credit (CR) for the course and credit toward graduation when a grade of C or better is as- signed. No credit (NC) is earned when the assigned grade is C-, D+, D, D-, or E. The course appears on the student’s permanent record with the CR or NC grade, but the grade has no effect on the grade point average.

Regulations for graduate credit/no credit offerings are to be found in the Bulletin of the College of Graduate Studies.

Note: It is recommended 1) that departments review the number of courses offered with this grading option and reduce the number of courses with this option and 2) review their policy regarding the number of credits a student may use on their major/minor with this grading option and limit the number permitted.


A- B+ B B- C+ C

3.7 3.3 3.0 2.7 2.3 2.0

C- E

No Credit Towards Degree Failing

1.7 0.0


Credit Incomplete No Grade Submitted No Credit Withdrawal Audit Deferred Grade

Not included in computing hours and points.

The work of a qualified student in each course completed is rated in accordance with the following marking system. There is no grade of “D” in the graduate marking system. When a D grade is assigned to a graduate student, the Registrar’s Office will convert the grade to an E before recording it on the student’s permanent record. Courses in which the student earns or has earned a grade below C do not count toward meeting any graduate degree re- quirement, nor are they accepted following the completion of the baccalaureate degree, for the removal of deficiencies. Particular programs may have more stringent grade requirements.

This grading system also applies to undergraduate courses taken for graduate credit by a student admitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

Credit/No Credit (CR/NC): Courses in which graduate student performance is evaluated CR/NC, rather than by a letter grade on the A through E scale, carry the designation “CR/NC only” in the departmental course descriptions.





Honor Points Per Semester Hour 4.0

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