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Graduation Requirements


Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Degrees are not awarded automatically upon completion of scholastic requirements. Each candidate for a baccalaureate degree shall:

  • 1.

    Matriculate as a “regular” off-campus programs undergradu- ate student.

  • 2.

    Fulfill the requirements prescribed on a degree.

  • 3.

    Complete a major, or a major and a minor, or minors as indi- cated on the chosen degree and authorized in consultation with her or his advisor.

  • 4.

    File an application for graduation by the deadline listed on page 38 and pay the appropriate graduation fee with the application.

  • 5.

    Earn a minimum of 124 semester hours of acceptable credit of which 30 semester hours must have been earned from Central Michigan University. Ten of the last 30 hours prior to graduation must be taken at this university in on-campus or off-campus classes. Correspondence credit, advanced placement credit, CLEP credit, hours earned by credit by examination, and prior learning assessment credit may not be applied toward this requirement.

  • 6.

    Fulfill the general education requirements including University Program and competency requirements or as stipulated on the student’s program plan. Students may not take more than two courses or seven hours for CR/NC in the University Program. Students must earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in University Program courses in order to graduate.

  • 7.

    Present a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) or higher and a grade point average of 2.0 (C) or higher in major(s) or minor(s).

  • 8.

    Obtain a minimum of 40 semester hours of credit equivalent to the CMU course level of 300 or above, of which 20 semester hours may be prior learning assessment credit.

  • 9.

    Present a minimum of 124 semester credit hours which may include a maximum of 6 hours of RLA and/or PED activities. Sixty semester credit hours must be earned at an accredited four-year degree-granting institution or from a foreign university or college approved by the government or official regulating agency of the country in which the uni- versity or college is located. None of these 60 hours may include physical education activity courses. The Office of Undergraduate Academic Services makes the decisions regarding the acceptability of transfer credits according to the Transfer Credit Policy. Appeals of the decisions of the Office of Undergraduate Academic Services may be filed with the Board of Appeals.

  • 10.

    Present no more than 27 hours of course credit from the College of Business Administration. These hours include both business transfer credit and credits earned at Central Michigan University. Graduation requirements for a baccalaureate degree are based

on the regulations and requirements printed in the Bulletin in effect at the time of a student’s admission to the off-campus programs. A subsequent Bulletin may be chosen by the student when it is to her or his advantage. The time limitation on this provision is that no student may graduate under the requirements of a Bul- letin published more than seven calendar years prior to the date of graduation.

Outstanding Scholarship Recognition

The university recognizes the importance of high scholarship and seeks to stimulate and encourage students in high achieve- ment.

Semester Recognition

The Dean’s List is published by the Dean of Students after each semester, naming students who have achieved a high scholastic standing for that semester. To qualify for this recognition, a stu- dent must meet all of the following conditions: 1) have registered for and completed 12 or more letter-graded hours of CMU credit during the following periods: January 1-May 15; May 16-August 15; August 16-December 31; 2) have earned a semester grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher. The President’s List honors those students on the Dean’s List who achieved the 4.0 semester grade point average (GPA).

Undergraduate Graduation with Honors

In order to be graduated with honors, a student must have, at the start of her or his last required session, a total cumulative grade point average at Central Michigan University as indicated in the following table, and must at the time have completed 45 hours of residence (not including prior learning assessment credit or correspondence courses) of which 33 hours must be letter-graded credit.

CMU does not accord honors status to master’s candidates. Appeal Process for Graduation with Honors

A student who has attained, at the end of her or his final semester, 45 hours of residence, of which 33 hours are letter-graded credit, and has a GPA that now gives him or her honors or a higher honors classification may appeal for this new honors classification. The student must complete both a Graduation Honors Appeal form and a Diploma Replacement form and submit the established fee to Undergraduate Academic Services. A student must appeal no later than the Friday before the next commencement following her or his graduation.

Point Average


Summa cum laude


Magna cum laude


Cum laude

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