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Graduation Requirements

Application for Graduation or Certificate Completion

The three official graduation periods each year at Central Michi- gan University are in May, August, and December. Students must meet all requirements stated for her or his course of study and must submit a Graduation Application for Certificates, Doctorates, Master’s or Specialist Degrees with the appropriate fee before the period when the student anticipates completion of her or his program.

A student who fails to complete her or his program require- ments by the deadline for which he or she has applied, will then be entered on the prospective graduation list for the next period. If the student fails to complete the requirements by the second period, her or his name will not be entered automatically on the next prospective list. The student must submit a new application and fee.

The above deadlines are subject to change, and a student plan- ning to apply for graduation/certificate completion should contact the program center office to determine current deadlines.



To be eligible

filed by:

fulfilled by:

for graduation:

December 1

May 15


April 1

August 15


July 1

December 31


Graduation Ceremonies

All students receiving degrees and certificates are invited to participate in the official graduation ceremonies conducted in May and December of each year on the Central Michigan University campus in Mount Pleasant. Campus graduation ceremonies will be held December 12, 2009 and May 8, 2010.

Information about campus graduation ceremonies is mailed to prospective graduates four to six weeks prior to the event.

Diplomas are not distributed during the graduation ceremonies but are sent to students by mail. Graduates generally receive their diplomas within two months following the on-campus ceremony.

Graduation ceremonies are also scheduled at a number of off- campus locations. Detailed information and schedules may be obtained through the program administrator.


Any current or former student desiring an official transcript of his or her record from this university should submit a written or faxed, hand-signed request to Office of the Registrar, Attention: Transcripts, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859; Fax: 989-774-3783.

You may use the “Official Transcript Request Form” located online at http://www.registrars.cmich.edu/Transcript/default.htm. Type in the required information on-line, then print and sign the form and either mail, fax, or bring it into the Registrar’s Office. Transcript Request forms will not be accepted by e-mail.

Ordinarily, transcripts are processed within one to three business days. There is no charge for a transcript, unless a student orders more than 5 transcripts per week. Priority service is available by specifically requesting the priority service and paying a $10.00 priority charge. Priority requests will be prepared in time for the next outgoing mail. Priority transcripts requested in person will be prepared immediately.

Transcripts of students with a financial obligation to the university are not released until the obligation is paid.

CMU Online Courses

Courses in distance learning format (e.g. Web-based courses, learning packages, and other non-face-to-face formats for delivering instruction) may be used to complete degree requirements unless otherwise specifically excluded. CMU courses and programs approved for distance learning delivery (as well as restrictions) are given in the descriptions of courses, majors, minors and degrees in this Bulletin.

Student Records

A separate university policy, titled “Policies and Procedures Con- cerning the Custody of Student Educational Records,” explains in detail the procedures to be used by Central Michigan University for compliance with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Copies of the policy are available in the program center office.

Official student records are maintained on the campus in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Permanent records or transcripts are main- tained on all individuals who earn credit at Central Michigan Uni- versity. These permanent records are maintained by the registrar of Central Michigan University.

Records of applications and correspondence regarding admis- sion, academic transcripts from other institutions, transfer credit, prior learning, graduation, and other academic issues are main- tained on campus. See admissions section for information on inactive and no-show students.

California: In compliance with California’s Reform Act, Central Michigan University’s Camp Pendleton office will maintain records for a minimum period of five years. These records include written records and transcripts used in the admission decision process, financial aid, registration information, final grade lists, and copies of the CMU transcripts.

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