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Academic Programs

Curriculum and Course Changes

All changes in curriculum and all course substitutions must be approved by the academic advisor and in the case of MSA stu- dents the MSA director. Deviations from the authorized program plan must be in writing and signed by the appropriate academic advisor and the MSA director. Students who take courses which have not been approved by their academic advisor do so at the risk that those courses may not apply to their degree.

Curriculum and course changes may require approval from the Veterans Administration if a student is to continue to be eligible for veterans educational benefits. Students should consult their program administrator.

Credit Hours

All academic credit is computed in semester credit hours.

Curricular Programs

This section describes the curricular programs available through off-campus programs. Because each program is structured to meet the needs of the group being served, not every degree program, certificate, or option is available at every program center. Specific information about individual program offerings is available in center offices. A general listing of the programs available at centers can be found at www.cel.cmich.edu/programs/.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Students wishing to earn their baccalaureate degree through Central Michigan University’s off-campus programs may do so in one of two ways. A student may elect to participate in the class- room-based courses offered at program centers. Other students may choose to complete courses through various distance learning activities. Many students combine the two approaches. Whichever approach the student elects, her or his progress toward the degree will be monitored by an academic advisor who will be assigned at the time of admission.

Undergraduate Degree Offerings

Requirements must be met in specific areas of study and a selected area of concentration. Undergraduate degrees require satisfactory completion of a minimum of 124 semester hours of credit and must meet the requirements of general education and the major. At least 30 semester hours must be earned with Central Michigan University. Programs, designed in consultation with an academic advisor, may lead to a Bachelor of Science with an option in Community Development, a major in administration, a major in information technology, or a major in vehicle engineering design technology, or a Bachelor of Applied Arts with a major in administration. Undergraduate degree options delivered outside the state of Michigan are available through CMU Online.

The Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S. in Ed.) degree in Elementary Education (EDU) with a major in Integrated Science and minors in Reading in the Elementary Grades and Child De- velopment is available in Traverse City, Michigan. Please contact the Traverse City Center to speak to an advisor.

Undergraduate credit may be earned in these areas by success- ful completion of courses, examination in the specified areas, or presentation of documented prior learning assessment credit.

Requirements for the BS degree with a major in administration, the BS degree with an option in community development, the BS degree with a major in information technology, the BS degree with a major in vehicle engineering design technology, and for the BAA with a major in administration.

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