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Undergraduate Programs

Geography: Physical Geography Courses GEO 105 - Physical Geography 3(2-2) GEO 210 - Landforms 3(2-2) GEO 310 - Surface Hydrology 3(2-2) GEO 334/BIO 334 - Soil Science 3(2-2) GEO 335 - Biogeography 3(3-0) GEO 355 - Environmental Catastrophes 3(3-0)

Health Promotion and Rehabilitation HSC 211 - Human Anatomy and Physiology 3(3-0) HSC 214 - Human Anatomy 4(3-3) HSC 215 - Human Physiology 4(3-2)

Honors Courses HON 140 - Symmetry in Science: Macroscopic Systems 6(5-3)

From Microscopic to

Human Environmental Studies Courses FNS 361 - Experimental Foods 3(2-2) FNS 370 - Nutrition 3(3-0) FNS 473 - Advanced Nutrition 4(4-0)

Area 3 - Social Sciences (6-12 hours)

(Alternative A - 6 hours, Alternative B - 12 hours)

Any course in the following disciplines:

Anthropology (ANT) (All ANT courses except those included in Area 2), Economics (ECO), Geography (GEO) (All GEO courses except those included in Area 2), History (HST), Political Science (PSC), Psychology (PSY), Sociology (SOC)

These courses also fulfill Area 3 requirements:

Communication Disorder Courses ASL 101 - American Sign Language, Level I 3(3-0) CDO 130 - Normal Speech and Language Acquisition 3(3-0)

Honors Courses HON 120 - The Individual and Community in Modern Society 6(6-0)

Human Environmental Studies Courses AMD 252 - Dress and Culture 3(3-0) HDF 100 - Human Growth and Development: Lifespan 3(3-0) HDF 212 - The Family in Cultural Perspective 3(3-0) HDF 213/WST 213 - Introduction to Human Sexuality 3(3-0) HDF 306 - Human Growth and Development: Adolescence 3(3-0) HDF 510 - Human Growth and Development: Seminar 3(3-0)

Specialized Studies (48-77 hours)

Majors are offered in Administration, Information Technology or Vehicle Design. Not all majors are offered at all locations.

A minor is optional.

Majors Administration: Building Code Administration Administration: Guest Services Administration Administration: Industrial Administration Administration: Organization Administration Administration: Service Sector Administration Information Technology Major Vehicle Design Major

Minors Allied Health Minor Apparel Merchandising And Design Minor Community Justice Economics Minor Family Life and Human Sexuality Minor Gerontology Minor Industrial Safety Minor Industrial Technology Minor Interpersonal And Public Communication Minor Nursing Minor Nutrition Minor Psychology Minor Public Administration Minor Public Affairs Minor

Electives (0-19 hours)

The number of elective hours will vary depending upon the requirements for the major.

Minimum Totals for Graduation: 124 hours

  • To graduate from CMU you must complete a minimum of 124 hours, at least 40 of which must be in courses numbered 300 or above. Please note: The combination of some majors and minors may require more than 124 hours for graduation.

  • No more than 27 hours may be taken from the College of Business Administration. These hours include both business transfer credits and credits earned at Central Michigan University.

  • You should read the Requirements for Graduation in this Bulletin for a complete description.

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