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Guidance and Development Concentration

This program is designed to provide knowledge and skills for individuals to function effectively in schools, businesses or in the nonprofit sector with special emphasis on managing relationships, making appropriate referrals and recognizing special needs of students, clients or co-workers. It is not a certification program for teachers, counselors or administrators as it presumes the participants are already certified and qualified in the technical aspects of their respective positions. It is designed for educators or practitioners who do not desire to be fully certified counsel- ors but are seeking counseling skills to enhance their teaching competencies.

This non-certification program is designed to improve practi- tioners’ skills in communicating with their students, colleagues, clients, and supervisors. The classes in this program focus directly on involving participants in skill-building and integration activities. Participants regularly test skills and ideas from courses taught at their work sites and refine the use of these skills through feedback from the instructor, supervisors, and other program participants. Many of the classes require that participants interact with their students, colleagues, clients, or supervisors outside of the univer- sity setting. EDU 776 is a capstone course in which participants conduct field or action-oriented research which is then reported in the form of a Plan B paper or project.

Note: This MA will not qualify the graduate for endorsement as a School Counselor.

Required Courses (15 hours) CED 580 - Seminar: Professional Topics 1-12(Spec) CED 608 - Understanding and Working with Couples and Families

3(3-0) CED 612 - Work and Career in a Global Society 3(3-0) CED 621 - Orientation to a Culturally Diverse Society 3(3-0) CED 684 - Grief, Loss and Trauma 3(3-0)

Graduate Programs


Instructional Concentration

This program is designed to provide knowledge and skills for individuals to function effectively in positions of leadership or the teaching environment. This is not a certification program for teachers or administrators but may be utilized for professional advancement.

Required Courses (15 hours) EDU 602 - Strategies and Techniques for Teaching 3(3-0) EDU 613/MLE 613 - Current Educational Issues 3(3-0) EDU 706 - Theory and Practice of Instruction 3(3-0) EDU 765 - Seminar in Curriculum Problems 3(3-0) EDU 770 - Practicum in Systematic Curriculum Development


Total: 33 semester hours

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