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Graduate Programs


Master of Arts (M.A.) in School Principalship

Minimum Totals for Graduation: 33 hours

The School Principalship program prepares students to lead traditional public schools and public school academies. The program is NCATE accredited according to standards developed under the auspices of the National Policy Board for Educational Administration and implemented by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council. Generally, students selecting this program have had classroom teaching experience and plan to move to administrative positions.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

  • 1.

    Applicants must meet the requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies.

  • 2.

    Applicants must provide evidence of promise as an admin- istrator by preparing and submitting an admission portfolio directly to the Department of Educational Leadership. The following items must be included in the contents of the portfolio:

    • a.

      a department application form (www.ehs.cmich.edu/ edl/);

    • b.

      a current resume identifying training, experience, and professional accomplishments;

    • c.

      a minimum of two letters of reference from individuals who can appropriately address the applicant’s potential as an administrator and attest to the applicant’s potential for success in the program;

    • d.

      a one-page reflective statement addressing the appli- cant’s beliefs about educational leadership;

    • e.

      a one-page reflective statement of professional goals and actions the applicant intends to take to achieve the identified goals;

    • f.

      identification of a minimum of two significant activities that indicate experiences, abilities, and potential for educational leadership. For each activity identified, the applicant should indicate the nature of the activity, type and number of persons involved , roles and responsi- bilities of the applicant, budget (if applicable), and a reflective statement addressing what learning occurred for the applicant.

  • 3.

    Regular admission will be granted only after the admission portfolio has been reviewed and deemed acceptable by a committee of Educational Leadership faculty. Acceptability will be judged on the appropriateness of the contents of the admission portfolio relative to the degree program to which application is being made. The applicant’s statements about beliefs, professional goals, and activities must show evidence of thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and congruence with the degree program to which the application is directed. Additional Admission Requirements - Must have either a valid

teaching certificate and three years of experience or three years of other qualifying experience.

It is advantageous for the applicant to submit the admission portfolio as early as possible. Applicants must submit a complete admission’s packet and it must be approved before a student is granted regular admission.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses I (24 hours) EDL 600 - Research in Administration 3(3-0) EDL 615 - Educational Technology for Administrators 3(3-0) EDL 656 - Public School Law 3(3-0) EDL 660 - Principles of Educational Administration 3(3-0) EDL 662 - School Business Administration & Facilities

Management 3(3-0) EDL 663 - Personnel Administration 3(3-0) EDL 699 - Leadership Internship 1-15(Spec) EDL 773 - Instructional Supervision for Educational Leaders


Note: 3 hours of EDL 699. Required Courses II (3 hours)

Select one of the following: EDL 620 - Administration Within Diverse Populations 3(3-0) EDL 661 - School and Community Relations 3(3-0) EDL 675/SPE 640 - Administration of Special Education 3(3-0)

Emphasis Area I (3 hours)

Select one of the following: EDL 670 - Administration of Elementary Schools 3(3-0) EDL 671 - Administration of Middle Schools 3(3-0) EDL 672 - Administration of Secondary Schools 3(3-0)

Emphasis Area II (3 hours)

Select one of the following: EDL 690 - Administration of Elementary School Curriculum 3(3-0) EDL 691 - Administration of Middle School Curriculum 3(3-0) EDL 692 - Administration of Secondary School Curriculum 3(3-0)

Professional Portfolio

Plan B requirements are met with a Professional Portfolio that consists of additional evidence of significant scholarship and ability relating to competence in administration and leadership. Portfolios are reviewed and assessed during an exit interview.

Total: 33 semester hour

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