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Requirements” section of the Graduate Bulletin and the following requirements (https://bulletins.cmich.edu/2009/gr/administra- tive/academic/degree-candidacy.asp) for the Graduate Bulletin or https://bulletins.cmich.edu/2009/cel/academic/graduation.asp for off-campus programs:

  • 1.

    Earned a minimum of 36 semester hours of acceptable graduate credit (12-18 semester hours of which must be in the area of concentration).

  • 2.

    Earned a minimum of 18 semester hours from Central Michigan University.

  • 3.

    Submitted evidence of scholarship by meeting the Plan B paper requirement by completing the integrating experience (MSA 685 or MSA 699) . This includes all Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements.

  • 4.

    Successfully completed these required courses: MSA 600, MSA 602 OR MSA 634 or MSA 635, MSA 640, and MSA 685 or MSA 699.

  • 5.

    Applied no more than 15 semester hours of College of Busi- ness Administration courses on the program plan. College of Business Administration courses are:

    • a.

      Courses carrying designators ACC, BIS, BLR, FIN, HSA, MGT and MKT.

    • b.

      MSA 601, MSA 602 or MSA 634 or MSA 635, MSA 660, and MSA 675.

    • c.

      Prior learning assessment credits identified as having business school content. (applies to off campus only)

    • d.

      Courses transferred from a school of business or management which would be considered College of Business Administration courses at CMU.

  • 6.

    Have an approved program plan on file.

  • 7.

    Completed all requirements for the degree within seven years of the awarding of the master’s degree. In addition:

    • a.

      MSA Certificate programs may not use more than 12 credits in College of Business Administration courses;

    • b.

      MSA Certificate programs must be completed within four years prior to the awarding of the graduate certificate;

    • c.

      business courses taken on any certificate program will not apply to any business degree at CMU; and

    • d.

      courses with MSA designators may not be used toward an MBA degree at CMU and CMU courses with MBA designators may not be used toward the MSA degree.

Degree Requirements

Required Core I (6 hours) MSA 600 - Foundations of Research Methods in Administration

3(3-0) MSA 640 - Quantitative Applications in Decision Making 3(3-0)

Required Core II (3 hours)

Select one of the following: MSA 602 - Financial Analysis, Planning and Control 3(3-0) MSA 634 - Managerial Accounting Concepts 3(3-0) MSA 635 - Financial Management 3(3-0)

Required Core III (6-12 hours)

Select hours from the following: MSA 601 - Organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior

3(3-0) MSA 603 - Strategic Planning for the Administrator MSA 604 - Administration, Globalization and Multiculturism

3(3-0) MSA 610 - Environments in Administration 3(3-0)

Graduate Programs


MSA 620 - Effective Administration and Organizational Behavior

3(3-0) MSA 650 - Organization Theory: Strategy and Structure 3(3-0) MSA 660 - Marketing Administration 3(3-0) MSA 661 - Diversity and Multiculturalism in the Workplace

3(3-0) MSA 675 - Strategic Policy Administration 3(3-0) MSA 681 - Administrative Practicum 1-3(Spec) MSA 690 - Internship 1-6(Spec) MSA 696 - Special Topics 3(Spec)


  • Students may not count both MSA 620 and MSA 601 on a certificate or degree program.

  • Students may not count both MSA 650 and MSA 601 on a certificate or degree program.

  • Students may not count both MSA 661 and MSA 604 on a certiciate or degree program.

  • Students may not count both MSA 620 and PSY 535 on a certificate or degree program.

  • MSA 681 and 690 are not available to off-campus students.

Integrative Experience (3 hours)

Select one of the following: MSA 685 - Integrative Analysis of Administration 3(Spec) MSA 699 - Applied Research Project in Administration 3(Spec)

These courses are designed to combine practical experience, in- tegrate knowledge from the academic program, and demonstrate ability to design and execute a research project. This requirement includes all Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements.


Select one of the following concentrations (Note: not all con- centrations are available at all CMU program centers. Check the center’s schedule for course availability.):

Acquisitions Administration

The Acquisitions Administration concentration prepares admin- istrators with a focus on acquisitions by providing a knowledge base in purchasing, regulatory concepts and related factors in acquisitions administration. Students will select 15 credits in consultation with their advisor.

Required Courses (6 hours) MGT 533 - Purchasing Strategy 3(3-0) PSC 522 - Regulatory Processes and Administrative Law 3(3-0)

Electives (9 hours) Select three of the following:

IET 500 - Production Concepts 3(3-0) IET 527 - Industrial Safety Management 3(3-0) MGT 542 - Inventory and Materials Management 3(3-0) MGT 543 - Management and Control of Quality 3(3-0) PSC 514 - American Public Policy Making 3(3-0) PSC 712 - Implementation and Reform of Public Programs 3(3-0) PSC 714 - Program Analysis and Evaluation 3(3-0)

General Administration

Statement of Purpose for the Concentration

The General Administration concentration is designed to serve the needs of a very heterogeneous group of students. The intent is to offer a program of study which provides moderate structure through study in areas that are applicable to a wide variety of administrative settings. In addition, the student is afforded con- siderable flexibility in designing a program of study that avoids duplication of previous course work, training, or experience by allowing additional study in areas of choice.


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