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Graduate Programs

MGT 649 - Seminar in Organizational Development 3(3-0) MSA 620 - Effective Administration and Organizational Behavior

3(3-0) MSA 696 - Special Topics 3(Spec) PHL 518 - Professional Ethics 3(3-0) PSY 531 - Group Dynamics 3(3-0) PSY 535 - Organizational Psychology 3(3-0)

Plus one specialized course determined by the MSA Director

Note: Students may not count both ECO 515 and MGT 646 or both MSA 620 and PSY 535 on a certificate or degree program.

Long-Term Care Administration

Note: CMU is not currently accepting students into this program.

The Long-Term Care Administration concentration enables students to enhance their knowledge and skills in the areas of health services administration, long-term care administration, and resident care issues.

Required Courses (18 hours) GRN 632 - Public Policy and Aging 3(3-0) HSC 520 - Health Services Administration 3(3-0) HSC 570 - Financial Aspects of Health Services Organizations

3(3-0) HSC 591 - Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Long-Term Care 3(3-0) HSC 592 - Administration Issues in Long-Term Care 3(3-0) HSC 593 - Resident Care Issues in Long-Term Care Administration


Students who have taken HSC 520 and/or HSC 570 as part of another concentration may select substitutes from the following courses: GRN 631, HSC 506, HSC 507, HSC 545, HSC 572, or HSC 581.

Public Administration

The Public Administration Concentration is designed to prepare students for careers in public sector administration. Broadly, the objectives of the program are to provide students with background and competency in five areas including:

1. the political, social, and economic environment of public administration;

  • 2.

    public management process;

  • 3.

    public policy analysis;

  • 4.

    research and analytic methods; and

  • 5.

    organization theory and behavior.

Required Courses (15-18 hours)

Select five or six from the following: COM 665 - Seminar in Communication and Negotiation in

Employee Relations 3(3-0) ECO 515 - Collective Bargaining and Labor Law 3(3-0) MGT 646 - Labor Relations Issues 3(3-0) PSC 514 - American Public Policy Making 3(3-0) PSC 522 - Regulatory Processes and Administrative Law 3(3-0) PSC 561 - American State Government and Administration 3(3-0) PSC 563 - Politics and Policy in Urban Communities 3(3-0) PSC 565 - Managing Modern Local Government 3(3-0) PSC 566 - Intergovernmental Relations in the United States

3(3-0) PSC 610 - Foundations of Public Administration 3(3-0) PSC 711 - Public Personnel Administration Practice 3(3-0) PSC 713 - Public Budgeting and Finance 3(3-0) PSC 714 - Program Analysis and Evaluation 3(3-0) PSC 774 - Strategic Planning for Public/Non-Profit Organizations


PSC 775 - Organization Theory in Public Administration 3(3-0) PSC 785 - Strategic Leadership 3(3-0)

Note: Only one of the following may be used to fulfill concentra- tion requirements: ECO 515, COM 665, or MGT 646. Students may not count both PSC 775 and MSA 650 on a certificate or degree program.

Software Engineering Administration

Note: CMU is not currently accepting students into this program.

The Software Engineering Administration program provides software managers with concepts, analytical skills, and methods of software engineering management of large, complex software systems, including those embedded in other systems. Graduates are prepared for positions requiring the management of people and resources in software intensive organizations.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

To be admitted to this concentration, the student must have completed the equivalent of MTH 175, MTH 132, CPS 180, CPS 181, CPS 210, and CPS 340. In addition, the student must have completed one year of work in which his or her major assignment

dealt with program a computer science experience.

design major

or development. Completion of may be substituted for one year

Required Courses (18 hours)

The concentration consists of six tightly integrated courses taught in a compressed weekend format. The curriculum begins with a course which introduces the student to the major issues in software engineering and how software engineering addresses those issues.The concentration continues with a course in software project management. This course provides analysis techniques and tools which manage and control the software development process. The remaining four courses continue to discuss the major software development activities in more detail.

CPS 510 - Software Systems Engineering 3(3-0) CPS 611 - Software Verification and Validation 3(3-0) CPS 612 - Software Project Management 3(3-0) CPS 613 - Specification of Software Systems 3(3-0) CPS 614 - Principles and Applications of Software 3(3-0) CPS 615 - Software Generation and Maintenance 3(3-0)

Vehicle Design & Manufacturing Administration

The Vehicle Design and Manufacturing Administration (VDMA) concentration prepares students to take leadership responsibility in vehicle design and manufacturing administration.

Required Courses (18 hours) IET 500 - Production Concepts 3(3-0) IET 501 - Application of Industrial Management Principles 3(3-0) IET 524 - Technology and Environment 3(3-0) IET 527 - Industrial Safety Management 3(3-0) MGT 542 - Inventory and Materials Management 3(3-0) MGT 543 - Management and Control of Quality 3(3-0)

Note: No more than a total of 15 hours of College of Business courses may be used on the program plan.

Total: 36 semester hours

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