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Graduate Programs

Specialist in Education (Ed.S.)

Minimum Totals for Graduation: 60 hours

The Ed.S. degree is based upon the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 60 semester hours of graduate work beyond the bachelor’s degree. During the course of this program, a student may apply for a master’s degree when requirements for that degree are satisfied.Astudent who has already earned a master’s degree before enrolling in a specialist program may, in consultation with the advisor, work out a program that includes previous graduate coursework that is pertinent to his or her program. Since a specialist degree implies an understanding of a field in greater depth than that provided by a similar master’s degree program, a student whose master’s degree is not in the same precise area as the chosen specialist program should expect to do more than 30 semester hours of work beyond the master’s degree.

Graduate students, under the specialist degree in general educational administration, may select courses that will develop skills in school superintendency, agency administration, higher education, or other leadership positions. The student should consult an advisor to develop such a program.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

In addition to the requirements for admission (see below), ap- plicants for the Educational Specialist degree must have three years of experience in an educational or other human service organization. (Applicants who cannot satisfy the experience re- quirement or for whom the department faculty believe additional documentation of promise is necessary may choose to participate in an administrative assessment center program or submit evi- dence of professional leadership. Other evidence might include one or more of the following: publications in professional journals, presentations at professional meetings, leadership positions in professional organizations, awards and honors, and other similar evidence).

Admission Requirements

  • 1.

    Applicants must meet the requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies.

  • 2.

    Applicants must provide evidence of promise as an administrator by preparing and submitting an admission portfolio directly to the Department of Educational Leadership. The following items must be included in the contents of the portfolio:

    • a.

      a department application form (http://www.ehs.cmich.edu/ edl/);

    • b.

      a current resume identifying training, experience, and professional accomplishments;

    • c.

      a minimum of two letters of reference (dated and submitted on organizational letterhead) from individuals who can appropriately address the applicant’s potential as an administrator and attest to the applicant’s potential for success in the program;

    • d.

      a one-page reflective statement addressing the applicant’s beliefs about educational leadership;

    • e.

      a one-page reflective statement of professional goals and actions the applicant intends to take to achieve the identified goals;

    • f.

      identification of a minimum of two significant activities that indicate experiences, abilities, and potential for educational leadership. For each activity identified, the applicant should indicate the nature of the activity, type and number of persons involved, roles and responsibilities of the applicant, budget (if applicable), and a reflective statement addressing what learning occurred for the applicant.

3. Regular admission will be granted only after the admission portfolio has been reviewed and deemed acceptable by a committee of Educational Leadership faculty. Acceptability will be judged on the appropriateness of the contents of the admission portfolio relative to the degree program to which application is being made. The applicant’s statements about beliefs, professional goals, and activities must show evidence of thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and congruence with the degree program to which the application is directed.

It is advantageous for the applicant to submit the admission portfolio as early as possible. Applicants must submit a complete admission’s packet, and it must be approved before a student is granted regular admission.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses (15 hours) EDL 600 - Research in Administration 3(3-0) EDL 660 - Principles of Educational Administration 3(3-0) EDL 700 - Advanced Administrative Research 3(3-0) EDL 760 - Leadership Theory and Practice 3(3-0) EDL 766 - Advanced Educational Law 3(3-0)

Emphasis Strand (15 hours)

Select one of the following emphases (Note: Off-Campus Programs students will complete Elementary/Middle/Secondary Administration):

Elementary/Middle/Secondary Administration EDL 656 - Public School Law 3(3-0) EDL 663 - Personnel Administration 3(3-0) EDL 664 - Public School Finance 3(3-0) EDL 770 - Advanced Administration of Elementary Schools

3(3-0) EDL 772 - Advanced Administration of Secondary Schools

3(3-0) EDL 773 - Instructional Supervision for Educational Leaders


Note: Select either EDL 770 OR EDL 772, not both. Higher Education Administration

Note: This option is available to on-campus students only. EDL 626 - The Adult Learner 3(3-0) EDL 636 - Higher Education Law 3(3-0) EDL 763 - Personnel Administration in Higher Education

3(3-0) EDL 764 - Financing of Higher Education 3(3-0) EDL 776 - Administration of Higher Education 3(3-0)

Capstone Project (6 hours)

Select either plan A or plan B (Note: Off-Campus Programs students will complete Plan A):

Plan A: Field Based Project EDL 699 - Administrative Internship 1-15(Spec) EDL 797 - Field Study 1-6(Spec)

Plan B: Thesis EDL 798 - Thesis 1-6(Spec)

Electives (24 hours)

Selected in consultation with an advisor Total: 60 semester hours

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