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A Gentle Introduction to Enterprise Guide® 3.0

Ben Cochran, The Bedford Group, Raleigh, NC


The power and flexibility of the SAS system is available to the end user through the point and click environment of the Enterprise Guide product. This hands-on workshop will introduce the attendee to some of the power that is easily available through Enterprise Guide. After a quick overview of this product, the student will see how to take virtually any kind of data and process it to create different kinds of graphic and summary reports. Finally, instruction will be given on how to take these reports and send them to different destinations such as HTML and PDF files.


This paper is intended for users who have not worked with Enterprise Guide 3.0, or at least not lately. First, a look is taken at the features of Enterprise Guide.

Enterprise Guide software is an easy-to-use GUI application that provides:

  • an intuitive, point-and-click user interface

  • access to the power of SAS

  • transparent access to both SAS and other types of data

  • interactive task windows that lead you through dozens of analytical and reporting task

  • the ability to export results to other Windows applications and the Web

  • the ability to schedule your project to run at a later time.

With Enterprise Guide you can produce great results in just a few minutes, regardless of your SAS knowledge. Enterprise Guide software also provides:

  • drag and drop functionality

  • dialog boxes

  • wizards

  • a color-coded syntax editor

  • a full Online Help facility.

Enterprise Guide (EG) is typically launched by either clicking on the EG icon on the desktop or by selecting Enterprise Guide from the SAS System program group accessed through the Start menu.

As soon as you invoke EG, the following window appears offering you options. Notice the frequent use of the word ‘Projects’.

figure 1. the Welcome Window


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