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The mission of Athletic Compliance at Texas Tech is to provide a comprehensive compliance and monitoring program that promotes knowledge of and adherence to NCAA, Big 12 Conference and institutional rules and regulations among members of the athletics department, Texas Tech personnel and members of the athletics community, thereby reducing infractions.

THE NCAA RULES AND YOU Compliance with NCAA rules is of the highest priority for our athletics pro- grams and institutions. As a member of the NCAA, Texas Tech University is responsible for the actions of its boosters and fans. Even the best-in- tentioned action on your part may be a violation of NCAA rules. Please contact the Texas Tech Compliance Office if you have any questions re- garding what is permissible. We encourage our boosters and fans to help us “Protect Our House.”



  • Are an alum, fan, or friend of Texas Tech University;

  • Have ever made contributions to the Texas Tech Athletics Department;


  • Have ever been involved in romoting the Texas Tech University athletics

programs in any way.

RECRUITING Only coaches and athletic department staff may be involved in the recruit- ing process.


  • Contacting a prospect in person on or off our campus.

  • Writing or telephoning a prospect or a member of the prospect’s family.

  • Making arrangements for a prospect or the prospects relatives or friends

to receive money, gifts, services, or financial aid of any kind.

  • Providing transportation for a prospect or the prospect’s relatives or

friends to visit our campus.


  • Notify our coaches about prospects in your area that may be strong ad-

ditions to our teams.

  • Attend high school or two-year college athletic contests or other events

where prospects may compete. However, you may not contact the pros- pect or the prospect’s relatives.

  • Continue existing friendships with families of prospects, buy you may not

attempt to recruit the prospect.


A prospect is any student who has started classes for the ninth grade in a high school or prep school, or who attends a junior college. In addition, an individual who has officially withdrawn from a four-year college or univer- sity is considered a prospect.

NCAA Compliance

“Recruiting at the Division I level is a never-ending process. Our coaches are in some phase of recruiting the entire year. NCAA member schools formulate rules for recruit- ing, and coaches must recruit within the regulations set forth in the NCAA manual. Our fans, who are considered to be representatives of Texas Tech’s athletic interests, also are subject to NCAA restrictions involving the recruitment of prospective stu- dent-athletes. The following information is presented in an effort to make you aware of those restrictions, and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain the

integrity of our athletics program.” - Tech Head Coach Tom Stone EXTRA BENEFITS

AN EXTRA BENEFIT IS: Any special arrangement by a Texas Tech University employee or a boost- er to provide a prospect or a student-athlete (or their relatives or friends) a benefit that is not generally available to the public or other Texas Tech students or is not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation.


  • Anything from an employee of Texas Tech or a Tech Tech athletics boost-

er (e.g. use of a car, clothing, gifts, money, tickets for any kind of entertain- ment, payment of long distance telephone calls).

  • Free or reduced cost on:

    • -

      Room and/or board

    • -

      Merchandise or services from any merchant

Acceptance of an extra benefit by student-athletes (or their relatives or friends) is a violation of NCAA regulations. Any inappropriate, even in- advertent activity on the part of the student-athlete (or his or her family) could result in:

  • Declaring a currently enrolled student-athlete ineligible to participate for

Texas Tech;

  • Jeopardizing the eligibility of the prospect;

  • Sanctions placed on the University and its athletics programs; and/or

  • Restrictions placed upon your involvement with Texas Tech athletics pro-


BENEFITS RESULTING FROM AN ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP If any of the following statements are true, then providing benefits to pros- pects or student-athletes, their relatives or friends can result in the stu- dent-athlete being rendered ineligible and cause the individual providing the benefit to be classified as a booster from that point forward:

1. The relationship between the athlete or their parents and the individual providing the benefit developed as a result of the athlete’s participation in athletics or their reputation as an athlete;

  • 2.

    The relationship began only after the athlete became a prospect;

  • 3.

    The relationship began only after the athlete had achieved notoriety due

to his or her athletic ability or reputation; or 4. The pattern of giving increased after the athlete attained notoriety as a skilled athlete.

If you think you’ve triggered any of the four steps, please contact the compliance office immediately.

An individual remains a prospect until they enroll at Texas Tech University full-time during the regular academic year (i.e., fall or spring). Otherwise, the individual remains a prospect, even if they signed a National Letter of Intent.

TEXAS TECH ATHLETICS COMPLIANCE STAFF Jennifer Brashear, Associate Athletics Director/Compliance Jamie Vaughn, Assistant Athletics Director/Compliance Kurt Hunsaker, Compliance Eligibility Coordinator Chad Mandrell, Compliance Recruiting and Education Coordinator


Sue Ann Metsgar, Compliance Monitoring Coordinator Phone: (806) 742-3355 / Email: jamie.vaughn@ttu.edu / www.texastech.com

A student-athlete is any student who is enrolled at Texas Tech University and is a current or former member of a varsity athletics team.

“It is a priority of the athletics department that we abide by all NCAA and Big 12 Con- ference rules and regulations. It is imperative that our alumni, fans and others as- sociated with Texas Tech athletics continue to partner with us in our efforts to adhere to all NCAA and Big 12 rules. We ask all those interested in Texas Tech athletics to know and abide by the rules that affect them and the eligibility of our student-athletes while they participate for Texas Tech. Go Red Raiders!” - Gerald Myers, Director of Athletics

Thank you for your support and for helping Texas Tech protect our house!



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