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August 22). When Plasan Sasa proved unable to meet the supply requirements, IMG then developed its own domestic supply chain for armor and fabrication, retaining SFI as a major subcontractor. Although SFI currently conducts a large part of the fabrication for IMG, the armor plate sourcing is handled entirely by IMG.

SFI did military work in the past, but the MRAP program was the first involving armor, which requires different procedures for welding and other fabrication. It also

represents the first experience working under a DX rating. The large amount

required an increase in work force, positions, SFI held numerous job fairs







and started an in-house welding school to

of work fill new improve

the skills of its welders. Concerning between the three company facilities as

the DX rating, the company had to shift work well as outsource some work in order to establish

the most efficient production mix. In some MRAP program, but other SFI customers Collins, & Daniel, 2008, August 22).

cases, were

pre-existing orders were delayed patient given the circumstances

by the (Carr,

An initial area of concern for SFI as work began on the MRAP program involved CARC paint, which is required for all military vehicles. Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) is not widely used within industry, few companies are certified in its

application, and capacity is typically small for those was sub-contracting work to four different CARC

that are. painters

As of August 2008, (2008, August 22).


addition, the use inefficiency in the

of multiple, supply chain,

geographically dispersed as fabricated components

subcontractors introduced are shipped from the SFI

facility in Memphis to places such as Fort paint, while the West Point MaxxPro plant facility.

Wayne, IN, and Huntsville, AL, for CARC is only 150 miles south of the SFI Memphis

This look at SFI provides key insight at the lower levels of the supply chain. First, the industrial base can and does quickly respond to urgent, lifesaving DoD requirements. Obviously, financial incentive existed in this program for a company such as SFI, but managers also spoke of the moral imperative they felt to support this program. A second observation is that the SFI CARC paint issues demonstrate the detail in which

the supply chain must be examined when attempting a rapid acquisition. SFI is one of 78

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