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programs such as the Army HMMWV program, the Marine Corps amphibious assault vehicle, and the Blue Force Tracker program (Sherman, 2007, April 26).

2. April 26, 2007. Senator Joe Biden introduced an amendment (#739 to the Senate Version of the 2007 Supplemental Appropriation Bill) to accelerate

$1.5 billion in funds for the MRAP program. subsequently passed (Biden, 2007).

The amendment

  • 3.

    July 17, 2007. The JPO requested reprogramming actions of $1.165 billion among various defense appropriations to accelerate the procurement of additional MRAP vehicles (Cresswell-Atkinson, 2007).

  • 4.

    July 31, 2007. The White House requested $5.3 billion to purchase 1,520 MRAP vehicles and provide additional parts for other MRAPs already on order. The funding request was added to the DoD’s $141.7 billion request for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for the budget year beginning October 1, 2007 (Towell, Dagget, & Belasco, 2008, pp. 21-22).

  • 5.

    October 3, 2007. Senator Joe Biden introduced an amendment authorizing an additional $23.6 billion for MRAP vehicles (2008, p. 67). Senator Biden’s strong and persistent support is notable in that it coincided with his unsuccessful run for the presidency.

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    October 8, 2007. The chairman of the Senate Appropriation Defense Subcommittee pledged to pay for all MRAP vehicles the DoD requested. At that point, the DoD had asked Congress for $16.8 billion in FY 2008 for the MRAP program, enough for 15,374 vehicles. Of the requested MRAP funding, $5.2 billion was secured in a continuing resolution, a temporary budget stopgap for the new fiscal year that continued the previous year’s funding levels until the defense appropriations bill was signed into law (Rutherford, 2007).

7. October 22, 2007. The President asked Congress to consider amendments

to the Presidential budget request for FY 2008 that would provide 41

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