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Unlike the monocoque capsule characteristic of MRAPs produced by FPII and the other manufacturers, the IMG MaxxPro consists of a modular design with a capsule that is bolted together in a series of steps. The design leverages other Navistar subsidiaries, using a severe service chassis23 produced in Garland, TX. The vehicle is designed for multiple strikes, with the survivability capsule easily moved from a destroyed chassis to a new one. The CAT I version of the MaxxPro is shown in Figure 19.

Figure 19.

IMG MaxxPro (CAT I)

(From Aberdeen Test Center, 2008, August 11, slide 2)

The modular design of the MaxxPro also contributes to manufacturability. In addition to the severe service chassis, the armor consists of three kits. The A-kit consists of the driver platform, firewall, windscreen, and door frames. The C-kit is the engine armory package. Both kits are incorporated into the pre-existing chassis assembly line in Garland, TX, allowing the MaxxPro chassis to leave the plant as a drivable chassis, which reduces rework at the final assembly plant in West Point. The B-kit, which forms the survivability capsule is then added at West Point and effectively completes the vehicle. With the current set-up, IMG can produce up to 500 MaxxPro vehicles per month (Munro, 2008, August 22).

23 The chassis produced in Garland, TX, is in this case a heavy-duty drivable vehicle chassis complete

with frame, drive-train, driver’s platform, and instrument panel. 76

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