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VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.

Mr. Harmon:

Presented Sheriff Lasater written request to respond to Dave and Sue Heckman complaint letter regarding vehicles getting stuck in mud hole on seasonal Padgett Road and coming to their door late at night.  Mr. Harmon, Mr. Vanek and zoning administrator Randy Frykberg viewed seasonal Padgett Road problem area through swamp, where vehicles are getting stuck in deep mud hole.  Mr. Harmon suggested decertifying road portion and placing a partial barricade to deny access to full sized vehicles, but would allow motorcycles and snowmobiles access.

Presented Boss Dairy Farms request to widen all-season Flagg Road from 17-feet to a minimum 21-feet/maximum 23-feet (between Slough Road and Sequanota Road) to allow wide agricultural equipment access to farmland.  Mr. Harmon and the Board agree widening would improve safety; property owner approval will be acquired.

Presented Village of Boyne Falls request to borrow a snowplow this winter, with the option to buy; all present approved.

Presented Senator Allen and Representative Elsenheimer letters supporting HB 4315, 4316 & 4317 proposal increasing county road commissioners from the current three members to five; they are currently awaiting House of Representatives approval.

Reported CCRC truck driver Bob Hammerberg rescinded his retirement, and has returned to work.

Commissioner Roloff asked if all St. James Township numbering signs are installed.  Mr. Harmon said yes, but CCRC leadman Dave Adams may have to relocate one.

Recessed at 10:00 AM; resumed at 10:15 AM.

Mr. Harmon and Mrs. Kondrat presented UnumProvident Insurance Disability and Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) information.  Board action is postponed until employee health histories are reviewed.

10:30 AM opened used equipment bids (#029 dump truck, #300 sander & #529 underbody):


Stephanie Goodrich (Boyne Falls)$2,025.00

Mr. Harmon noted bid specifications required $2,500 minimum bid and recommended equipment be kept in cold storage for parts.

Commissioner Ogden moved to reject used equipment bids, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.

Mr. Vanek:

Presented Advance Road estimates (Eveline Township and South Arm Township), explaining H&D, Inc. representative viewed the project and assisted with quantities and prices.  2006 costs cannot be projected so current prices were used.  Eveline Township will do their portion in 2006; South Arm Township will not.  Commissioner Ogden will review future estimates prior to township delivery.

Presented 2005 final construction status report.  All projects are complete except a few gravel projects, which will be done in 2006.

Commissioner Ogden moved to pay bills totaling $267,091.39, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – Saunders, Way, OgdenNays – noneMotion carried.

Chairman Way adjourned the meeting at 10:55 AM.

OCTOBER 24, 2005

Chairman Way opened the meeting at 9:00 AM.

Chairman Way, Commissioners Saunders and Ogden, County Commissioner Ron Reinhardt, Patrick Harmon, James Vanek and Shelley Kondrat attended, along with H&D, Inc. representative Tom Fryczynski and Petoskey News-Review reporter Fred Gray.

Commissioner Saunders moved to approve October 12, 2005 regular meeting minutes with the following corrections, seconded by Commissioner Ogden.

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