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   Turn Lane Improvements:H&D, Inc.$35,633.75

Tri-County Excavating$50,489.50


Wernig & Jones (Cheboygan)$29,933.002006 HD GMC Sierra 2500

Short Box, Crew Cab 4X4

Jim Wernig, Inc. (Gaylord)$29,933.002006 HD Chevrolet 2500

Short Box Crew Cab 4X4

Dave Kring (Petoskey)$30,565.002006 HD Chevrolet ¾ Ton,

Crew Cab 4X4

Bob Mathers Ford (Boyne City)$31,733.252006 HD Ford F-250 Crew

Cab 4X4

Commissioner Ogden moved to award US-131/M75 North Right-Turn Lane Improvements bid to low bidder H&D, Inc. ($35,633.75) contingent upon MDOT approval, seconded by Commissioner Saunders (completion date: October 31, 2005).

VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.

Mr. Gray said Emmet CRC is hosting a special meeting at 7:00 PM September 27, 2005 at Little Traverse Township Hall.  A state police officer will explain speed limit implementation.

Mrs. Kondrat explained CCRC must comply with GASB 43 & 45 (OPEB) regarding employer benefit liability requirements.  The first step is obtaining an actuarial, which was discussed at last weeks Finance and Human Resource Meeting and, upon taking bids, other road commission clerks concurred Michigan Employees Retirement System (MERS) offered the least expensive actuarial.

Commissioner Saunders moved to authorize the clerk to obtain required OPEB actuarial from MERS, seconded by Commissioner Ogden.

VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.

Commissioner Ogden:

Instructed Mr. Harmon to keep year-end handout information file throughout the year (i.e. CRASIF safety plaque; three-week rainy season caused major washouts after long drought).

At next 37th District Meeting, would like to recommend the County Road Association of Michigan (CRAM) change their policy requesting road fuel tax increase.  Suggestion: keep/delete present road fuel tax and add sales tax designated completely to roads.

Commissioner Saunders:

Requested Barnard Road crack seal update; Mr. Harmon said completion date is September 30, 2005.

At September 09, 2005 Northern Commissioners Annual meeting, CRAM representative John Niemela said Michigan Transportation Funds (MTF) would be reduced due to recent fuel price increase.  Commissioner Saunders feels caution should be taken when the Board considers implementing the Township Asphalt Share Policy in 2006.

Noted each year-end CCRC must transfer the full 30% allowable from primary road funds to local road funds to balance the budget.  He feels relinquishing primary Ellsworth Road to MDOT may interfere with available funds for year-end balance transfer.

Commissioner Way:

Forwarded call to Mr. Harmon regarding Pine Point riparian rights.  Mr. Harmon said the Corps of Engineers gave permits giving Beach Drive residents riparian rights.  In prior years all Pine Point residents had waterfront access.  With permits, Beach Drive residents are denying back lot landowners lake access.  In actuality, CCRC owns road right-of-way and riparian rights.

Said tree branch hanging over M66 in Ironton is quite dangerous; Mr. Harmon will direct foreman to investigate.

Received calls complaining CCRC is wasting money because their pick-up with warning lights is following the CCRC mower.  Mr. Harmon said this is done on main roads (after several near misses) to warn motorists to be more cautious.

Commissioner Ogden moved to pay bills totaling $­56,682.90, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

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