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Commissioner Ogden moved to award Marion Township Black Road reconstruction project to low bidder MDC Contracting, LLC. for $165,295 (engineer estimate $175,000), seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.

Commissioner Roloff said Household Hazardous Waste collection was successful, collecting almost 40,000 lbs.

Commissioner Reinhardt said builders constructing new road off Deer Lake Road near Boyne USA relocated the abandoned Deloy Road intersection.

10:00 AM Form CRA 100 public hearing.

Mr. Harmon said CRAM proposed permit would be uniform throughout the state, same as driveway and moving permits.  Commissioner Ogden noted past Governor Engler felt road commission policies, which differed from county to county, justified and supported “rationalization”. (Engler’s term for MDOT’s attempt to transfer selected county roads into the state system).

Commissioner Ogden moved to adopt the new CRA Form 100 entitled “Application and Permit to Construct, Operate, Use and/or Maintain Within the Right-of-way of; or to Close, a County Road”, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.

Recessed at 10:05.  Resumed at 10:11 AM.

Mr. Harmon:

Presented MDOT mailing, which said:


“The Michigan Department of Treasury forecasted negative growth in the MTF fund of 2.2 percent on January 13, 2005.  They revised their forecast on May 27, 2005 to a negative growth of 3.2 percent.”


“Actual receipts for the current fiscal year-to-date (10/01/04 – 04/30/05) for distribution to counties and cities are 4.4 percent less than MTF receipts by this same time last year.”


“Fiscal Year 2006 MTF revenue for distribution to counties and cities is, therefore, estimated to remain below Fiscal Year 2004 levels.”

Presented CRAM e-mail explaining Ingham CRC (ICRC) lawsuit by five residents regarding Okemos Road center turn lane addition plan due to violation of the Open Meetings Act.  CRAM cautioned Road Commission Boards and management to comply with Open Meetings Act at all times.

Reviewed employee sick time used and accumulated.  All present discussed reward for not using sick time rather than “penalizing” employees.

Said Boyne City-Charlevoix Road/US31 intersection improvement meeting was well attended.  Emergency officials, businesses and Pine Point residents have access concerns.  Bergmann Marina owner Doug Bergmann offered access route from US31 across his property, which would become a new access to his business entrance upon project completion.  Business owners requested construction after Labor Day; contractor preferred this option.  MDOT and Northwest Design Group (NDG) will review concerns and inform Mr. Harmon, who will inform attendees.

10:30 AM: 27,000 tons ice control sand (manufactured at Sutliff Pit) bid opening, attended by Hilltop Inc. representative Rob Moblo.


Sackrider Construction  $1.40/ton   $37,800.00

H&D, Inc.  $1.43/ton   $38,610.00

Hilltop Inc.  $1.45/ton   $39,150.00

MDC Contracting  $1.49/ton   $40,230.00

Poquette Leasing  $1.78/ton   $48,060.00

Commissioner Ogden moved to award 27,000 tons ice control sand bid to low bidder Sackrider Construction ($1.40/ton, $37,800/total), seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.

10:45 AM – Fred Gardner, CPA presented 2004 CCRC Financial Statements.

Mr. Harmon said the Corps of Engineers gave several Pine Point (Charlevoix Township) waterfront residents permits to put docks in the lake.  Residents feel they have riparian rights, though lot descriptions stop at road right-of-way.  Also,

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