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Chairman Way inquired about Ferry Road signs regarding truck traffic; Mr. Harmon said the signs, which arrived last week, will be placed this week.

Commissioner Saunders moved to pay bills totaling $78,585.67, seconded by Commissioner Ogden.

VOTE:Ayes – Saunders, Way, OgdenNays – noneMotion carried.

Chairman Way adjourned the meeting at 11:05 AM.

MAY 19, 2005

Chairman Way called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

Chairman Way, Commissioners Saunders and Ogden, County Commissioners Shirley Roloff and Ron Reinhardt, Patrick Harmon, James Vanek and Shelley Kondrat attended.

Commissioner Saunders moved to approve May 09, 2005 regular meeting minutes as presented, seconded by Commissioner Ogden.

VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.

All present reviewed “Miscellaneous Item” bid tabulations (small obsolete Road Commission shop items for sale) opened May 16, 2005; high bidders will be notified.

Commissioner Ogden moved to hold a public hearing at 10:00 AM June 27, 2005 to review Form CRA 100 entitled “APPLICATION AND PERMIT TO CONSTRUCT, OPERATE, USE AND/OR MAINTAIN WITHIN THE RIGHT-OF-WAY OF; OR TO CLOSE, A COUNTY ROAD”, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.

Mr. Harmon reported:

Marion Township requested construction estimates for Sugarbush Knoll Subdivision asphalt overlay, Black Road undercut & gravel surface improvements, and Clark Road, Phelps Road, Potter Road & Wickersham Road re-seal (CCRC shares $2,000 per seal coated road mile).  Mr. Vanek will provide future township estimate duplicates to Mrs. Kondrat for financial review.

Street sweeping (also seal coat) contractor, D&D Contracting (who filed Chapter Eleven on May 16, 2005), experienced machine computer complications and forfeited their sweeping bid since deadline couldn’t be met.  Second bidder was contacted but couldn’t meet deadline.  Due to the above delay, both Boyne City and East Jordan swept the state trunklines in their respective areas.

Wilson Township signed CCRC contract to gravel Etcher Road, Davis Road, Day Road and Snyder Road.  Snyder Road gravel will not correct drainage problems.

Bay Township has a pending Sumner Road gravel contract (from Camp Daggett Road to Walloon Lake).

Commissioner Saunders moved to open 10:30 AM June 08, 2005 Sugarbush Knoll overlay, Black Road reconstruction and re-sealing Clark, Phelps, Potter & Wickersham Roads bids, Marion Township, seconded by Commissioner Ogden.

VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.

Commissioner Roloff:

Thanked CCRC for placing fence around paved recycling bin area at CCRC Boyne City garage.  She appreciates CCRC working relationship with the Recycling Committee.

The Recycling Committee will fund disposal of seven CCRC barrels of old emulsion and diesel fuel at the June 18, 2005 hazardous household material pick-up ($1,920 estimate).

Requested Aragonne Supper Club owner Steve Ager be told specifics for Boyne City-Charlevoix Road/US31 Intersection Improvement project.  Mr. Harmon will invite him to on-site meeting, held with Northwest Design Group (NDG) project engineer and Bergmann Marina.

Commissioner Reinhardt:

Thanked Mr. Harmon for re-routing heavy truck traffic from Deer Lake Road to Boyne City-East Jordan Road.  Mr. Harmon said company complied immediately upon his request.

Complimented gravel road maintenance.

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