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Chairman Way adjourned the meeting at 10:28 AM.

MARCH 28, 2005

In the Chairman’s absence, Vice-Chairman Saunders called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

Commissioners Saunders and Ogden, County Commissioner Shirley Roloff, Patrick Harmon, James Vanek and Shelley Kondrat attended, along with Petoskey News-Review reporter Fred Gray.

Commissioner Ogden moved to approve March 14, 2005 regular meeting minutes with the following changes, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

Page 1, line 16:enter “private road” after “multi-phase”

Page 1, line 30:add “and Act 621.” to end of paragraph.

Page 2, line 6:change “this garage.” to “Boyne City garage.”

VOTE:Ayes – 2Absent – 1Nays – 0Motion carried.

Mr. Harmon:

Said annual CCRC safety meeting will begin at 7:30 AM April 05, 2005 at St. Matthew Catholic Church in Boyne City.  John Wall and Mike Schultz, contracted by the County Road Association Self-Insurance Fund (CRASIF), will present training sessions.

Was informed by MDOT representative Doug Needham all necessary Donegal Bay Non-Motorized Trail paperwork was received and sent for payment.

Reported 2003 W-2 problems and amended tax return filing cost to employees.  The Board agreed employee auditor costs would be reimbursed.  Mrs. Kondrat offered to fill-out simple form if employees wished.

Mrs. Roloff:

Said the county numbering ordinance will have items corrected; mainly the building department requiring residential green number sign placement before residency.  St. James Township road name and address signs will be placed next; volunteers will be requested (i.e. fire department).

Mr. Harmon asked what type of fence the Recycling Committee prefers around the recycle dumpsters on CCRC Boyne City garage property.  Commissioner Roloff requested wooden fence, which CCRC crews will place before landscaping and bins are placed.

Mr. Vanek said MDOT Boyne City Road/US31 Intersection Improvement bid opening (in Lansing) is Friday, April 01, 2005.

The Finance and Human Resource Committee chairman requested Mrs. Kondrat join the Accounting Manual Sub-Committee.  The Board approved.

Commissioner Ogden:

Suggested Mr. Harmon consider replacing Pontiac he currently drives with a full-sized, 4-door, 4WD SUV.

Noted potholes develop sooner, longer and more vicious on shaded roads.  He suggested this be considered during future reconstruction projects, which should include extra heavy cross-sections or curbs.

Commissioner Saunders:

Asked if primary road re-sealing will be performed in if not many 2005 township requests.  Mr. Harmon said required Barnard Road crack sealing would use most of the Construction Funds.

Reported CRAM meeting highlights.


Most legislative figures legislators did not attend.


Legislative sessions, along with Senator Allen and Representative Elsenheimer morning meeting, were not hopeful.  There is no interest in Road Commissions funding, including a diesel tax increase.  There is only interest in balancing the budget.  One hopeful: Representative Taub (R-Bloomfield Hills) feels funds should be redirected from overhead costs (i.e. sheriff departments, DNR, transits) to road expenses, and roads standards should be built increased to withstand Michigan traffic volumes and weather.


Meetings to be eliminated; 1) the “Library” with Emmet CRC and 2) the 37th District following the Legislative Reception.

Commissioner Ogden moved to pay bills totaling $157,879.73, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – Saunders, OgdenAbsent – WayNays – noneMotion carried.

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