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Chairman Way opened the meeting at 9:00 AM. - page 42 / 51





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Seasonal weight restrictions were effective today at 8 AM.

Beaver Island garage furnace broke last month.  Should be repaired this week but need to upgrade heating system to a possible gas infrared tube system similar to this Boyne City garage.

Donegal Bay Non-Motorized Trail reimbursement check from MDOT hasn’t arrived yet.  MDOT final inspection form has been revised and signed by Gary Voogt and Mr. Harmon, but waiting signatures from MDOT officials.

Reviewed February 24, 2005 MDOT letter regarding MDOT construction oversight charges on Local Agency projects.  Mr. Harmon will talk with CRAM regarding this letter.

Commissioner Ogden:

Inquired about Melrose Township River Road soil boring results.  Mr. Vanek stated the soil boring logs have been received from Northwest Design Group.  Mr. Ogden suggested starting on a “rough” estimate for the township.

Requested update on Sharon Diesenroth Townhall Road gating.  Mr. Harmon said Joel Wurster is working on it.

Commissioner Saunders:

Asked about Barnard Road preservation work.  Mr. Harmon and Mr. Vanek will be working on a road list for crack sealing this summer.

Commissioner Ogden moved to pay bills totaling $109,072.55, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – Saunders, OgdenNays – 0Absent – WayMotion carried.

Vice-Chairman Saunders adjourned the meeting at 10:40 AM

FEBRUARY 28, 2005

In the Chairman’s absence, Vice-Chairman Saunders called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

Commissioners Saunders and Ogden, County Commissioners Shirley Roloff and Ron Reinhardt, Patrick Harmon, James Vanek and Shelley Kondrat attended, along with Petoskey News-Review reported reporter Fred Gray.

Commissioner Ogden moved to approve February 14, 2005 regular meeting minutes with the following changes, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

Page 1, line 20:change “Counsels” to “Councils”

Page 1, line 25:change “NMG” to “NMCG”

Page 1, line 38:change “with changes,” to “with date corrections,”

Page 2, line 37:change “Public Roads Intersecting with Public Roads” to “Standards and Specifications for Plat Condominium and Public Road Development”

VOTE:Ayes – 2Absent – 1Nays – 0Motion carried.

All present reviewed “Used Equipment Sale” bid tabulations, opened 2:00 PM February 25, 2005.

Commissioner Ogden moved to sell equipment #198 hot patch trailer to high bidder Falcon RME for $1,500.00, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – 2Absent – 1Nays – 0Motion carried.

Mr. Harmon explained 2005 Road Certification Map revisions (2005 total mileage is 714.44 (primary 184.47-local 529.97).  Road name changes were made, along with:


That portion of Main Street, Section 27, St. James Township, from Bonner Street south to the end of certification, which is 0.17 miles.


Big Valley Trail, Section 22, Boyne Valley Township, from Old Mackinaw Trail northeast to the end of certification, which is 0.34 miles.

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