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Pines Meadow Lane, Section 22, Boyne Valley Township, from Old Mackinaw Trail to Big Valley Trail, which is 0.24 miles.

Valley Vista Court, Section 22, Boyne Valley Township, from Pine Meadow Lane northeast to the end of certification, which is 0.06 miles.

Commissioner Ogden moved to accept 2005 Certification Map as presented, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – 2Absent – 1Nays – 0Motion carried.

Commissioner Ogden moved to appoint Commissioner Saunders as designated voter for 2005 Annual CRAM Meeting, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – 2Absent – 1Nays – 0Motion carried.

CRAM policy recommendations discussed.

Mr. Harmon:

Presented Marion Township Board February 21, 2005 minutes excerpt listing 2005 Road Improvement projects.  Black Road reconstruction from end of current asphalt overlay to Phelps Road is noted, but with only two-inch asphalt surface, which CCRC specifications do not allow.  Mr. Vanek will propose 2005 earth and gravel work, with 2006 asphalt surface completion to Marion Township supervisor Bud Boss.  Possibly CCRC asphalt share policy will then be in effect.

Reviewed February 2005 Michigan County Road Commission Self-Insurance Pool (MCRCSIP) Boyne City garage and road survey inspection by Mike Philips.

Said weight restrictions will soon be implemented as weather dictates.

Stated upon receipt of free tickets and an offer for a ride to Indianapolis, shop foreman Mick Luchenbill and purchasing agent Ken Howard are attending the national truck show this Wednesday.

Said Mr. Vanek will prepare Boyne City brine tank removal bid packet for Board and DEQ representative Duke Domke review.  Crystal Flash can inexpensively remove and dispose of crude oil in tank.  Commissioner Roloff suggested disposing crude oil curing during May 2005 Charlevoix County Recycling clean-up.

Commissioner Roloff is concerned for businesses (Argonne Supper Club, Charleboyne Motel and Bergmann Marina) during BC-Charlevoix Road/US31 Intersection improvement project road closure.  Mr. Porath explained the contractor must keep access to businesses.

The Board approved Mrs. Kondrats request for a new lap top computer (no more than $1,700).

Commissioner Ogden:

Requested Donegal Bay Non-Motorized Trail funding update.  Mr. Harmon received and signed required final acceptance form, and forwarded to MDOT TSC engineer Judy Browning.

Said “Standards and Specifications for Plat Condominium and Public Road Development” verbiage complete (GASB34 and Act 621 requirements are now included); he will now review cross sections.

Commissioner Ogden moved to appoint manager Patrick Harmon as alternate designated voter for 2005 Annual CRAM Meeting in the event Commissioner Saunders is absent, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – 2Absent – 1Nays – 0Motion carried.

Recessed at 10:10 AM.  Resumed at 10:30 AM.

10:30 AM-Boyne City-Charlevoix Road/US31 Intersection Improvement Project public hearing attended by Northwest Design Group (NDG) engineer Lucas Porath, and Bergmann Marina owners Doug Bergmann, Sr. & Doug Bergmann, Jr.

Mr. Porath presented and explained plans.  Doug Bergmann, Sr. and Jr. are concerned with visibility, drainage, and turning radii.  Mr. Porath said turning radii at BC-Charlevoix Road intersecting US31 and Raspberry Lane will be improved, and BC-Charlevoix Road will be raised for better visibility.  Mr. Porath, Mr. Vanek and Mr. Harmon will meet the Bergmanns for on-sight drainage review this spring.

Recessed public hearing at 11:00 AM to open “Two 2006 Heavy Duty Work Ready Truck” bids.

11:00 AM:Open “Two 2006 Heavy Duty Work Ready Truck” bids.

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