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County Road Commission (CCRC) and involved residents.  Construction may be in 2007.  Commissioner Saunders said area residents have criticized CCRC for spending that much money for such few people, but the bridge is being reconstructed using Critical Bridge Funds.

Explained Critical Bridge Fund will be split between regions, which is advantageous to northern counties.  Commissioner Saunders asked if Iron Bridge project is complete and inquired as to box culvert in Boyne City storage; Mr. Harmon said Iron Bridge deck is replaced, and Bingham Road culvert installation is awaiting legal lake level determination; Commissioner Reinhardt said Huffman Lake study is complete.

Recessed at 10:15 AM; resumed at 10:30 AM.

Mr. Harmon (continued):

Presented Eveline Township supervisor John Vrondran written request to bid out Advance Road reconstruction project.  Mr. Harmon explained contractors couldn’t determine correct quantities on snow covered roads, but Mr. Vanek will prepare bid packets for immediate release upon spring thaw.

And Charlevoix County Drain Commissioner Mark Seelye determined Main Street drainage correction, St. James Township.  Materials are on Beaver Island, but property owner won’t agree to installation.  Mr. Harmon will direct Charlevoix County Prosecutor John Jarema to begin Civil Suit to obtain Charlevoix County Road Commission prescriptive easement, followed by installation.

Said, after checking into bond, MichCon chose to postpone Marion Center Road work until spring 2006.

Commissioner Ogden presented 1939 document stating gas tax at $0.39 $0.03 per gallon.  Mr. Harmon noted Charlevoix County levied road construction mileage millage from the early 19-teens through the 1940’s, approved by the Board of Supervisors, with residents being allowed to work on road construction projects to pay their taxes.

Commissioner Ogden moved to pay bills totaling $125,322.18, seconded by Commissioner Saunders.

VOTE:Ayes – Saunders, Way, OgdenNays – NoneMotion carried.

Chairman Way adjourned the meeting at 10:55 AM.

DECEMBER 12, 2005

Chairman Way opened the meeting at 9:00 AM.

Chairman Way, Commissioners Saunders and Ogden, County Commissioners Shirley Roloff and Ron Reinhardt, Patrick Harmon and James Vanek attended, along with Eveline Township residents Preston Parish & Bess Hall, and Petoskey News-Review reporter Fred Gray

Commissioner Saunders moved to approve November 28, 2005 regular meeting minutes with the following changes, seconded by Commissioner Ogden.

Page 2, line 81:change “in stalled” to “installed”

Page 2, line 82:change “pick-up” to “pick up”

Page 2, line 82:change ”delivery” to “deliver”

Page 2, line 85:delete “recommended” and add “will” after CCRC

VOTE:Ayes – 3Nays – 0Motion carried.


Commissioner Saunders moved to adopt the following Policy, seconded by Commissioner Ogden.



In the ordinary course of business, the Charlevoix County Road Commission obtains the Social Security Numbers (SSNs) of applicants and employees for identification and tax-related purposes.  To the extent practicable, the road commission shall maintain the confidentiality of applicants’ and employees’ SSNs.  The road commission will use SSNs as follows:


The road commission will use SSNs in the process of producing payroll, including any state or federal filing requirements, and, if required, for establishing, confirming the status of, servicing, amending, or terminating an account, contract, policy, or employee benefit, or to confirm the Social Security number of an individual who has

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