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X.1Tenant shall not assign or encumber any or all of its interest in this Lease or the Premises, or sublease all or any part of the Premises, or allow any other person or entity to occupy or use all or any part of the Premises, without first obtaining Landlord's written consent, which Landlord may withhold or condition in its sole discretion.  No assignment or sublease shall release Tenant from the obligation to perform all obligations under this Lease. Any assignment, encumbrance or sublease without Landlord's written consent shall be voidable and at Landlord's election, shall constitute a default.  

X.2As a condition for granting its consent to any assignment, encumbrance or sublease, Landlord may require that the rent payable by such assignee or sublessee is at Landlord’s then current rental rate for the Premises or comparable premises in the Building, but not less than the then current Rent under this Lease and may require that the assignee or sublessee remit directly to Landlord on a monthly basis, all moneys due to Tenant by said assignee or sublessee.  Landlord may condition consent to an assignment or subletting hereunder on an increase in the amount of the Security Deposit or on receipt of personal guarantees of the assignee's or sublessee's obligations under this Lease.  If Landlord consents to an assignment or subletting hereunder and this Lease contains any renewal options, expansion options, rights of first refusal, rights of first negotiation or any other rights or options pertaining to additional space in the Project, such rights and/or options shall not run to the assignee or subtenant, it being agreed by the parties hereto that any such rights and options are personal to Tenant named herein and may not be transferred.  Also as a condition to Landlord's consent to any sublease, such sublease shall provide that it is subject and subordinate to this Lease and to all mortgages; that Landlord may enforce the provisions of the sublease, including collection of rent; that in the event of termination of this Lease for any reason, including without limitation a voluntary surrender by Tenant, or in the event of any reentry or repossession of the Premises by Landlord, Landlord may, at its option, either (1) terminate the sublease or (2) take over all of the right, title and interest of Tenant, as sublessor, under such sublease, in which case such sublessee shall attorn to Landlord, but that nevertheless Landlord shall not (1) be liable for any previous act or omission of Tenant under such sublease, (2) be subject to any defense or offset previously accrued in favor of the sublessee against Tenant, or (3) be bound by any previous modification of any sublease made without Landlord's written consent, or by any previous prepayment by sublessee of more than one month's payment of Base Monthly Rent.  No consent to an assignment, encumbrance or sublease shall constitute a further waiver of the provisions of this Article X.  

X.3The joint and several liability of Tenant named herein and any immediate and remote successor in interest of Tenant (by assignment or otherwise), and the due performance of the obligations of this Lease on Tenant’s part to be performed or observed, shall not in any way be discharged, released or impaired by any (a) agreement that modifies any of the rights or obligations of the parties under this Lease, (b)

X.4If Tenant is a partnership, a withdrawal or change, voluntary, involuntary or by operation of law of any partner, or the dissolution of the partnership, shall be deemed a voluntary assignment. If


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