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bed-and-breakfast places and locally-owned restaurants, guide services, and related tourism service needs.

guidelines for transportation planning, water and energy conservation, and other resource use issues for tourism facilities' development and management that protect local quality of life.

local education on tourism development, such as a training program for community leaders, tourism-related business managers, and prospective business persons; or develop and distribute a nature tourism handbook for communities and landowners that communicates the importance of preserving and managing natural resources.

provide monetary and other incentives to private and public landowners to preserve natural resources and habitats that attract nature tourists.

a marketing strategy that provides centralized access for potential visitors seeking nature tourism and travel information. An inventory of a community's natural, scenic, historic/cultural/heritage, and recreation resources can be an effective way for a community to develop a marketing strategy that celebrates the special appeal of a community. Using existing infrastructure, a community can evaluate opportunities that already exist to package a marketing strategy that appeals to nature tourists.

Help to Promote, Develop, and Manage Nature Tourism Opportunities

A multitude of resources are available to local governments, communities, tourism business entrepreneurs, nongovernment organizations, and concerned communities who want to develop and promote nature-based tourism. Many sources offer planning and technical assistance to help develop nature tourism plans, and to address management and monitoring concerns. Below is a listing of some sources that were contacted or referenced in preparing materials on nature tourism in the Office of Sustainable Ecosystems and Communities home page.

Federal agencies

Economics Clearinghouse, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the

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