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Describe how natural systems function and recognize the impact of humans on the environment.

The learning activities designed in this course will address outcomes 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8.  

AA degree-seeking students:  Upon successful completion of MAT 0024 (grade of S), you should register for MAT 1033, after which you should take MGF 1106, MGF 1107, or MAC 1105, depending on your major and the institution to which you are planning to transfer.  Be sure to take your mathematics courses in consecutive terms.

Textbook:Carson, Gillespie, & Jordan, Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra, 2nd ed.  (Addison Wesley)

Assistance:You can obtain assistance for mathematics classes in the Mathematics Laboratory, room 2223.  There, you will find course-related videotapes and computer software, and tutors that can help you to successfully complete this course.  The Math Lab is open these hours:   

MTWR 8:00 AM-9:00 PM,   F 8:00 AM-4:00 PM,   Saturday  8:00 AM-4:00 PM.  

You do not need an appointment. The telephone number for the lab is 305-237-3834.  If you have a problem with the Math Lab, please contact Arcides Acosta, Maliya Beylin, Jose De Paz, or Verdieu Lucas at 305-237-3834.

Study Sessions:  You are required to attend your study session each week.  One of the requirements for receiving an S in this class is to earn at least a grade of 70% in your study session.  If you have a problem with your Study Session, please contact Verdieu Lucas at 305-237-3016.

Lab Hours:  You are required to complete 16 hours during the term in the mathematics laboratory (Room 2223) You need to have completed a minimum of eight hours by the midterm date, and you may not exceed three hours on any one day.  You May Not complete Lab hours during times when you are scheduled to be in class or in your Study Session.  If you do so you could lose every hour that you have accumulated to that point.  You will need to check in and out of the Math Lab each time you are there to earn the credit for the College Prep lab hour requirement.  

Classroom and Laboratory Etiquette:  Please refrain from bringing food or drinks into any classroom, lab, or into the courtyard.  Please turn off any cellular phones and set pagers to "vibrate."  You are expected to arrive on time to class, depart when the class has concluded, and treat others respectfully.  You are encouraged to ask questions.  The tutors in the lab must help all the students and take turns; they cannot work with one student for a prolonged period of time. For additional help, please see Arcides Acosta, Maliya Beylin, Jose De Paz, or Verdieu Lucas.

Problems with Instructor:  If you are having a problem with your mathematics instructor, please see that instructor during office hours.  Before or after class is generally

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