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20.The Disability Welfare Act, 2001 came into force from 1 August 2001. It will ensure equality of opportunities, other benefits and privileges to the persons with disabilities (PWD).

21.To combat the menace of acid attacks, particularly on women and children, the government has enacted Acid Control Act, 2002 to control production and sale of corrosive chemicals.

22.Acid Crimes Prevention Act, 2002 has been enacted to address the acid related crimes more sternly. This law provides tougher punishment including death sentence for splashing acid on people.

23.To dispose of the women and child related cases, among others, expeditiously the government enacted a Law and other Disruption (Speedy Trial) Act, 2002. Under this Act, a large number of cases related to child rights violation have been dealt with within a very short time, along with other cases not directly related to children and women.

24.The Birth and Death Registration Act has been enacted in 2004 and entered into effect in 2006. This Act is considered as a saviour in the area of child protection in many respects. It has been followed by five Birth Registration Rules and all of them have been approved.

25.The Penal Code (Amendment) Act, 2004 has been enacted. The minimum age of criminal responsibility has been raised to 9 years from 7.

26.The Mines (Amendment) Act, 2004 has revised the age of children who can be engaged in mines from 15 years to 18 years to conform to the CRC. Now, this Act prohibits employment of any person below 18 years of age in any mine.

27.As per the Court of Wards (Amendment) Act, 2006, any orphaned child who has reached 18 years has now the right to claim the property or sell it which he/she is supposed to be legally inheriting. Previously the age was 21. The definition of “minor” is now consistent in the matters related to age of inheritance with the CRC as per this amendment.

28.A new law, Bangladesh Labour law, 2006 has been enacted in October 2006. Among others, it deals with some prohibitions related to child labour. Child labour, hazardous work by a person below 18 in particular, is prohibited by this Law. Government will continue to identify/prepare and publish list of such hazardous works. For any other (non-hazardous) economic activity the lower limit of admission into employment is 14 years but with the certification of a registered medical doctor about fitness and age of the child/adolescent. The employer must preserve the certificate; allow her/him to continue on-going education adjusting working hours, ranging from 30 to 42 hours per week (during the day time only meaning restriction of work during 7.00 pm to 7.00 am).

29.Another new law, Women Convicted in Jail Special Privileges Act, 2006 provides all women in jail to be trained by the Government in different income generating activities and ensure their social and economic reintegration as soon as the term ends.

30.In order to improve the overall law and order situation, some new measures have been undertaken by the Government and some new are offing. Action is underway to upgrade the existing 12 Thanas into model PS to prevent crimes in Dhaka city. Service delivery centres have

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