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occupational reintegration of the children to protect them from discrimination, violence, abuse and exploitation.

96.The State Party has established 3 Shishu Paribar (Children Family) in 3 Chittaong Hill Tract Districts for tribal children and in 2006/07 allocated support for 923 children living in private Orphanages.

97.The Strategies and Action Plan for Mainstreaming Special Needs Children and Strategies and Action Plan for Tribal Children in Primary Education have been adopted and on that basis different projects are taken.

98.Day by day the State Party is becoming more concerned about the situation of marginalized people and children living in remote areas with poor communication facilities and lesser accessibilities. This group include the Gypsy (Bede), tea garden workers, haor/beel (large water bodies) inhabitants, chalrlanders (people living in small island of rivers), so on. Different initiatives are being undertaken to meet their special needs.

C.  The best interests of the child

99.While the family environment in Bangladesh is generally child-friendly, public institutions are frequently the opposite, appearing to be driven more by rules and systems than by the interests of the child. There are laws, however, which include a concept akin to the “best interests” principle, even though it may be interpreted/expressed differently. In the realm of guardianship of minors, for example, the Court must be guided when making an order by “what appears in the circumstances to be for the welfare of the minor (Guardians and Wards Act, 1890).

100.The Children Act, 1974 and Children Rules, 1976 are intended to protect the child’s best interest during all kinds of legal processes such as maintaining confidentiality, restricting public access to complaint concerning children, the special role of police and probation officer. The Act provides for separate juvenile courts and forbid the joint trial of an adult and a child offender where the offence has been jointly committed. The Act also lays down measures for care for destitute and neglected children, including children under the care of parents and guardians who habitually neglect, abuse or ill-treat them. The Act also restricts death penalty of the children.

101.Best interest of the child is the prime concern of the NPA, 2005-2010 where it states “All programmes should be assessed for benefits of the child and avoid risks to children affected.”

102.The National Children Policy 1994 introduces the concept of the best interests of the child as one of its objectives in the context of ensuring “the best interest of the children in all national, social, family or personal situations”. The activities identified to achieve this objective are:

Giving priority to the interests of children in all circumstances

Collecting information on children from institutions and conducting research on childrelated topics

Publication and broad dissemination of annual reports showing improvements in the situation of children

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