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lived in rented or employers’ accommodation. Facilities in their accommodation were poor with almost one third living without an electrical connection and more than one quarter without safe drinking water. Almost half did not have sanitary latrine facilities and 5 percent of households had no latrine at all.

116.In 2004, a National Children’s Conference was organized by MoWCA in collaboration with Save the Children Alliance and UNICEF. A total of 1,000 children participated in the conference to discuss the rights of the children, the NPA-SEACT and the Concluding Observations. They were also provided with an orientation on life skills to strengthen their selfesteem, confidence and critical thinking and generated views and suggestions from children on their role in promoting Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) and disseminating the Concluding Observations.

117.Two Children Consultations also were successfully organized in Dhaka and Rajshahi, for collecting information towards preparation of this Report. They were split into five groups, namely, Basic health and welfare; Education, entertainment and cultural activities; Child labour; Sexual harassment, exploitation and trafficking; and Discrimination with physically challenged and ethnic and minority groups. Their opinions were given due importance in course of preparation of this Report.

118.Ministry of Social Welfare (MoSW) instituted Children Council in all three KUKs for children’s participation in the issues/decisions that affect their lives.


A.  Measures taken on the concluding observations

119.The State Party’s response to the Committee’s observation on the second periodic report is that, the Births and Deaths Registration Act, 2004 has been enacted and hereunder 5 Rules have been made in 2006. Accordingly, the State Party has been scaling up the birth registration activities throughout the country in the recent years. The Government plans to achieve 100 percent birth registration by end of 2008 through pursuing new programmes and strategies.

120.The State Party has not yet been able to amend the legislation in respect of name and nationality (issues in connection with passing citizenship to the children from either their father or mother and statelessness). However, a draft bill is under consideration of MoLJPA.

121.The Penal Code has been amended in October 2004, and among others, the age of criminal responsibility has been increased from 7 to 9 years. The joint efforts by government and NGOs resulted in reduction of children in prison, torture by police in the custody, and keeping together with adult prisoners.

122.The benefits of Acid Control and Acid Prevention Acts are yet to be reaped as implementation at field level has not been adequately ensured. GO, NGO and private programmes (for example, by a leading national daily) have been successful to create awareness about acid attacks.

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