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171.Large-scale awareness campaigns are underway by television drama, jingles, street theatre, and other types of mass awareness methods to promote behavioural change and make stakeholders aware about CRC including child protection, care and related issues.

172.The Government is modernizing the police administration through “model thana (police station) development” concept in making the police people-friendly. Based on the experiences, the concept will be replicated throughout the country. It is believed that the children issues will be addressed with special care under the initiative.

173.The State Party with support from UNICEF is commencing initiatives to strengthen Department of Social Services through training and motivation of relevant officials on reintegration methodologies and proactive social work concept. Besides, capacity development of staff of KUK and vagrant homes on child-friendly behaviour is under way.

174.Through the Early Childhood Development Project, the State Party is trying to enhance the caregivers’ (parents/guardians) knowledge and skills towards optimal development of their children.

B.  Parental guidance

175.In Bangladesh, although children mostly live with their parents, about 10 per cent of households are headed by women meaning that children belonging to mothers/women as heads of the households, permanently or temporarily, are deprived of care from fathers.

176.As per MICS 2006, 5.8 percent of the children below 18 years have either one parent alive or both parents dead. Again, 5.6 percent of the children are not living with their parents. It has been found that double orphans are disadvantaged compared to the non-orphaned children in terms of school attendance.

177.However, the same survey shows that a big percentage of women are married at an early age. The data show that nationally, about 33 percent of girls aged below 15 years and 74 percent below 18 years are married. In rural areas, the rate was 78.4 percent and in urban areas 65.4 percent. Among the tribal population, the rate of child marriage is somewhat low (44 percent).

178.Information on activities that support early learning was collected in the MICS 2006. These included the involvement of adults with children in the following activities: reading books or looking at picture books, telling stories, singing songs, taking children outside the home, compound or yard, playing with children, and spending time with children naming, counting, or drawing things.

179.The survey shows that for almost half (47.5 percent) of under-five children, an adult engaged in more than four activities that promote learning and school readiness during the 3 days preceding the survey. The average number of activities that adults engaged with children was 3.4. The data also indicates that the father’s involvement in such activities was quite high. Father’s involvement with one or more activities was 50.3 percent. Nationally, 8.4 percent of children were living in a household without their natural fathers. There is no gender differentials in terms of adult activities with children as well as fathers engaged in activities with children.

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