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form of disability. According to Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey, 2000 (BDHS) conducted by BBS, 7.38 males per 1000 population were found have disabilities compared to 4.66 females per 1000.

219.The MICS 2006 found that nationally, 17.5 percent of the 2-9 year old children had one or more reported disabilities. The highest rate varies 14.0 percent to 20.4 percent in different Divisions. There is no urban-rural difference in disability, and it is negatively co-related to age  with increase of children’s age, disability rate falls.

220.Though insufficient compared to the needs, there are Government facilities and programmes, as well as initiatives at NGOs and private levels. The National Foundation for Development of Disabled and Department of Social Services provide both integrated and special services for children with disabilities. The major programmes undertaken and being implemented in association with NGOs/CBOs since 2000 include:

Studies on disabled children and adolescents

Introducing ID cards for PWDs to facilitate movement in the transports and availing health care services

Establishing and operating specialized institutions/centres

Provide vocational training for rehabilitation

Extend Microcredit support

Provide special allowance (under safety net programme) and stipends

221.At present, the following facilities exist under Department of Social Service for persons/children with disabilities:

Seventy four integrated units providing special education to visually-impaired children in secondary schools. Students are supported to learn to read Braille, use an abacus and improve their mobility. Braille books and other aids are supplied. Residential places are available for 10 students per unit

Twelve institutions for children with hearing/visual impairments or physical handicaps providing primary education and pre-vocational training

One institution is providing services for mentally retarded persons

Two institutions/centres for training/rehabilitating physically disabled persons

One training and rehabilitation centre for visually impaired persons

222.Under the proposed Policy for Disability, short, medium and long term actions and measures for providing health education, stipend, training etc to children with disabilities have been articulately outlined. If approved/implemented, it will not only open avenues for these children but will also expedite compliance to CRC.

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