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416.The Government has enacted The Suppression of Violence against Women and Children Act, 2000 to protect the children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

417.The empowerment of adolescent girls project Kishori Abhijan expanded its intervention sites from 14 to 26 districts. The interventions led to positive results, providing life-skills based training to girls, through the peer-to-peer approach reaching 100,000 adolescents, mainly girls. Livelihood and basic economic skills training were also provided to 25,000 adolescent girls.

418.Different NGOs are also working to prevent and protect children from abuse and exploitation. Some among them are working with sex workers and their children with special focus on their rehabilitation in the society. A survey on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children was completed in 2006 in partnership with ILO-IPEC.

Other forms of exploitation

419.One particularly vicious and damaging form of violence is acid attacks which have traumatic consequences, scarring the victims physically (disfigurement), psychologically and socially for life. Acid attacks are mainly a crime against children and young women, although more recently, boys and young men have also been targets of this crime. Since the enactment of The Acid Control Act, 2002 and The Acid Crimes Prevention Act, 2002, the incidence of acid attack has gone down. The One-Stop-Crisis Centres (OCC) in Dhaka and other five Divisional Headquarters has been set up together with a Hotline System for women vulnerable to act of violence. In January 2006, a DNA profiling laboratory was established in Dhaka with five screening laboratories at Divisional levels for identifying perpetrators and ascertaining parentage.

420.The most pervasive form of violence within a marriage is dowry related violence. Women in Bangladesh marry at a relatively early age associated with the demand of dowry. Failure to provide the desired price results in violence that ranges from the threat of divorce and abandonment to physical acts of beating or even murder. The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1980 forbids the giving and taking of dowry and The Suppression of Violence against Women and Children Act, 2000 provides strict measures against dowry related violence.

Sale, trafficking and abduction

421.An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year worldwide. An estimated 2 million children, the majority of them girls, are sexually exploited in the commercial sex industry (UNICEF Fact sheet).

422.The most widely employed procuring strategies include, kidnapping, abduction, purchase of young girls from their families, marriage contracts, promises of jobs abroad and affected friendship and love.

423.Women and girls are trafficked annually to India, Pakistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). Bangladeshi boys were also trafficked into the U.A.E. and Qatar. Women and children in Bangladesh are prone to trafficking while migrating from rural to urban areas.

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