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Piledrivers and Divers Training Center

Applications for the 2006 apprenticeship program are being accepted until March 1, 2006. Any interested people should contact the training center at (907) 272-7577 for an application. The JATC will review applications and conduct inter- views in March with first year apprentices starting on April 3, 2006. The Piledrivers JATC does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, or religion; women and minorities are urged to apply.

The new piledrivers training schedule is posted at the union hall. Any member living outside of Anchorage that wants a copy can call me. The training centers will be working together on training that overlaps all trades. Contact your local training center to find out what is available. Members should take advantage of the training offered by all the Locals. The better trained and skilled our members are, the more the contractors will want and need our services.

Kevin Hanley

By now all apprentices should have received their class schedule. If an apprentice needs help with travel and/or room and board while in school they should contact me.

Piledrivers & Divers Apprenticeship Coordinator

The first big call-out for the year will be early January in Prudhoe Bay and it will be for welders certified with Dual- shield. A few more open-root welders with a T-Y-K certificate are also needed for this project. We are also setting up North Slope Training Co-operative (NSTC) and scaffold classes ahead of our original schedule to accommodate this job. Anybody going to work in Prudhoe Bay needs current welding certs, a current first aid/cpr card, scaffold training, and also a current NSTC card. At a recent meeting with oil companies, a BP Engineer stated that there is a possibility of over 20 bridges on the North Slope needing retrofit besides new construction. The way for us to get this work is to be the best trained and safest workers available.

(907) 272-7577

apprentice ship2520@gci.net

Any millwright that would like to get their welding certificates updated at the Piledrivers Training Center need to be pre- approved by Wade Stark in Fairbanks. All you have to do is call him at (907) 452-4626 and he will fax your information to me. Members in the Fairbanks area can also practice welding and test at the Fairbanks Carpenters Training Center. Members in southeast may practice and test at the University of Alaska campuses in Juneau and Ketchikan.

The International is allowing Journeymen to attend the American Welding Societies seminar and test to become a Certi- fied Welding Inspector. The piledrivers sent Steve Abel and John Hauser to this seminar and are awaiting results of their tests. This training and test will be held every October at the training center in Las Vegas. If you are interested in doing this, contact any of the Alaska training centers.

Continued from page 8 (Statewide Organizing Report)

Chena Hot Springs with geothermal turbines. We continue working with Mark Crutchfield in organizing actions that are



Local 2247

We are continuing to work with Jonathan Smith in southeast organizing efforts. Projects include Fred Meyers, Home

Depot, and Wal-Mart.


Local 1243

The busy construction season in Fairbanks has allowed for lots of union work and the opportunity for non-union compa- nies to grow. It is important that we continue to convince the non-union companies the benefits of being union. With the addition of Laird Grantham as the new organizer in Fairbanks, we can have further success in this region.


If so, there may be several benefits available to you that you might not be aware of. Be sure to contact your Lo- cal Union office as well as your Trust office if you are currently on “Active Duty”, or will be in the future.

Also, if you know a fellow Brother or Sister who is in this situation and is unable to acknowledge this notification, please bring this to your Local Union office’s attention.


Effective January 1, 2006, most Local offices will have two new services available to you.

  • Register to vote—each office will have a voter registrar

  • Notary Public—Local 1243, 1281, 2520, & Alaska Regional Council of Carpenters offices will have a Notary Public on staff

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