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Fly to Hawaii Compliments of Carpenters Local 1281

Carpenters Local 1281 will be giving away four tickets to Hawaii in November of 2006. In order to qualify you must be a member of Local 1281 and attend at least three Union meetings from November 2005 to October 2006. For every meeting you attend, your name will be placed in a drawing. Apprentices that attend because they are in class and are required to can not count attendance at that meeting for qualifying for the drawing.

“When I was visiting in Philadelphia I was impressed with the way they stimulated attendance at their Local meetings,” commented Local 1281 Trustee Randy Holt, “and I would like to see that excitement grow here.”

Contact Carpenters Local 1281 for further details.

In Remembrance

LOCAL 1243 Anthony Cascio-8/29/05

Need to Regis- ter to Vote? Change your Affiliation? Need an Absen- tee ballot?

LOCAL 1281 Glen Keil Jr.-10/10/05 Roger Gonder-10/18/05

LOCAL 1501 No Deaths to Report

LOCAL 2247 Albert Stotz-7/13/05

LOCAL 2520 Elwood Henry-9/12/05

The Alaska Regional Council extends our sincere condolences to the friends and families of these members.

You can download the form you need to do all this at www.gov.state.ak.u s/ltgov/elections/ homepage/html. You will need the Adobe program.

Voter Registration forms and Change of Affiliation forms need to be sent to the Election office at least 30 days be- fore the election; absentee forms at least 7 days before the elections.

Items For Sale at Piledrivers & Divers Local 2520

Long sleeved shirts-$15.00 Sweatshirts-$30.00 Carhart jackets-$125.00 Hats-$10.00

Items For Sale at Carpenters Local 2247

T-Shirts-$15.00 Plumb bob reel & magnet-$25.00

(reel-$18.00, magnet-$7.00) Magnetic tape measures-$10.00 Pea shooters-$25.00

Items For Sale at Carpenters Local 1243

T-shirts-$15.00 Suspenders/weight lifters-$40.00 Plumb bob reel & magnet-$25.00 Chamfer cutters-$40.00 Master pro-$55.00 (calculator) Master pro (non-member)-$80.00 Project calculator plus-$20.00 Yamaguchi bars-$35.00 Magnetic tape measures-$10.00

Items For Sale at Carpenters Local 1281

Suspenders-$35.00 Pea shooters-$25.00 Plumb bob reel & magnet-$25.00

(reel-$18.00, magnet-$7.00) Magnetic tape measure-$10.00 Coffee/travel mug-$10.00 Local 1281 hats-$10.00 Frozen chosen t-shirts-$15.00 T-shirts-10.00 Membership pin-$2.00 Chamfer cutters-$29.00 Master pro trig-$60.00


The Alaska Regional Council of Carpenters (ARCC) is always interested in member feed- back. Our goal is to make this newsletter as useful and informative as possible for all of our members. If you have a comment, sugges- tion, a story you would like included in the newsletter, a letter to the Editor, or anything e l s e , w e e n c o u r a g e y o u t o c o n t a c t o u r o f f i c e a t 9 0 7 - 2 74 - 2 7 22 via e ma i l at or


You may submit your letters/comments to the ARCC, contact information is located on the back of the newsletter.

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