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A Message From Your Executive Secretary Treasurer

Work, and lots of it, has been the news for us this year.

ters. Over the last year ARCC membership has increased 4.5% and 38.62% since it was chartered in 2002.

Membership Growth by Year

John Palmatier Executive Secretary - Treasurer

Fairbanks Carpenters Local 1243 and Piledrivers/Divers 2520 were the most active per member. The amount of work that went through those halls was incredible. Anchorage Carpen- ters 1281 did not have a slouch year either with one of the busiest years in the last twenty. Southeast Carpenters 2247 also experienced a good year. Millwrights Local 1501, chartered less than two years ago, keeps in- creasing its man-hours coming from virtually none to perhaps having well over 80,000 man-hours by the end of

AK UBC Members

2500 2000 1500 1000

500 0



Millwrights (6.6%)



Ye a r




the year. Although the amount of work over the last few years can not be counted on in the future, next year appears to be an- other good year.

Piledrivers/Divers (10.3%)

Local 2247 (8.5%)


All that work accounted for approximately $43.4 million, before taxes and not including benefits, into our members’ pockets since the beginning of this year (1/05 – 9/05). Of that $43.4 million our members have made, Local 1243 accounted for $13.8 million, Local 1281 members made $18.2 million, Local 1501 members made $1.5 million, Local 2247 members made $3.7 million, and Local 2520 members made $6.2 million. We are a large economic force in Alaska.

Money Earned by Members by Local

Local 1243 (31.8%)

Local 1281 (41.9%)

Local 1281 (49.1%)

Local 1243 (25.4%)



400 600 800 Membership by Local



The political season is upon us with the Alaska Legislative ses- sion starting in January. Once again the ARCC will be actively campaigning on issues important to all the members including securing capital projects, ensuring quality contractors are awarded state construction projects, fighting Right-to-Work legislation, raising unemployment payments, and establishing a more comprehensive and fair method for workers compensa- tion.

Local 2247 (3.7%)

Piledrivers/Divers (14.3%)

Millwrights (3.5%)

Stay involved, whether it means attending meetings, participat- ing in the political process, calling your union hall with your concerns, encouraging people to join the union either as jour- neymen or apprentices, taking Journeyman Upgrade Classes, and volunteering your time with community organizations. The Carpenters, Piledrivers/Divers, and Millwrights are recognized as being some of the most involved community members of all the unions.

During the year membership also increased as it has been doing since the inception of the Alaska Regional Council of Carpen-

Enjoy yourself during this holiday season, spend time with your loved ones and be safe.

The Alaska Regional Council of Carpenters is seeking applicants for ARCC positions on a continuing basis. Ap- plicants will be interviewed as positions are needed. Based on the interview results, selected applicants are sent to our UBC three day evaluation. If an applicant is not selected for advancement to three day, he/she may re- apply. Upon successful completion of three day, an applicant is placed in an eligible hiring pool. Positions are on an ‘as needed’ basis, and may or may not be announced. We encourage you to apply regardless of vacancies. If you are interested in a fulfilling career with the ARCC, please pick up an application at your nearest union hall.

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