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Wife's Net of Children Support:

Below the Husband's Net and the Wife's Net is a

figure labeled Wife's Net of Children Support (or Husband's Net of Children's Support, as the

case may be). This figure is that parent's net disposable income, less the total combined support that the Guidelines say would be spent on the child(ren) from the Guidelines Tables. This is the total sum from the Tables without proration between the parents, since this is the amount the law

theoretically assumes would be spent on the support of the child(ren) from the total gross incomes of the parents. Also, subtracted from that spouse's net disposable income are the extra support items (e.g., health insurance for the children, extraordinary medical expenses, and net, after-tax child care) that the custodial parent will also be paying.

The effect is to back money to be spent on the child(ren) out of the custodial parent's income so that the money left over for the custodial parent alone can be compared the net disposable income of the noncustodial party. It is certainly debatable whether this is a true apples-to-apples method of comparison, but it is the best approach I could find.

Click on that number if you want to see the calculation.

FICA/Medicare & Self-Employment Tax Calculations:

If you want to see the

calculations of each party's FICA, Medicare and Self-Employment Taxes, simply click on that party's number on the Disposable Incomes Page.

11. Calculating A Range of Alimony Page

The Alimony Calculator™ also gives you the ability to calculate a range of alimony amounts at one time so that you can compare the resulting child support and disposable income amounts for each party.

You can access this page only from the Front Page, but you can then click either the green Alimony Range button at the bottom left corner, or you can click the Calculate Alimony Range in the menu at the top under Pages. The green Alimony Range button and the Calculate Alimony Range menu item are not visible or enabled unless there is some income shown for at least one of the parties and the Calculate button has been clicked.

Make sure that all of the tax, child support and mandatory obligations information has been typed in; otherwise, the Alimony Range calculations will not be accurate.

The Alimony Range calculations will use the information from the Front Page but it will not change the Front Page information, nor will it change the Results shown on the Front Page. The alimony amount inserted on the Front Page will not change either.

12. South Carolina Income Adjustments (Income Page)

South Carolina generally uses the Federal Taxable Income amount for the computation of South Carolina taxes, but there are several special adjustments that must be made. A more

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