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complete listing and explanation are on the back of South Carolina Form SC 1040 and its instructions. Here is a partial listing:

Add To Federal Taxable Income:

Expenses Related To Reserve/National Guard Income Interest Income of Other States

Subtract From Federal Taxable Income:

Interest Income From Obligations of U.S. Government National Guard/Reserve Pay Permanent Disability Retirement Income (if taxed on the Federal return) Social Security and/or Railroad Retirement (if taxed on the Federal return) Age 65 or Older Deduction (see SC Form 1040 Instructions) Out-of-State Income/Gain


When The Incomes Exceed The Guidelines

When the parties' combined gross incomes exceed $15,000 a month ($180,000 a year), the Guidelines no longer apply. In that event, the program will show "0" under Child Support and will display a red message across the bottom right of the program alerting you that the incomes exceed the Guidelines.

The program will also display a box to the bottom right of the screen where you can enter the amount of child support that you consider to be appropriate. If you will then click CALCULATE, the program will display that child support in the Results box and will adjust the parties' Net figures accordingly.

In other words, you will need to input the amount of child support manually.

If you would like to see the amount that the Guidelines Tables call for at $15,000 a month, the maximum under the Tables, click Help on the Child Support Page and the Tables are at the end.

Since the Guidelines will not apply, the Results box labeled "Wife's $ Net of Children's Support" (or "Husband's $ Net of Children's Support", as the case may be) will not appear. It is impossible to measure how much total money will be spent on the children since it cannot calculate what the custodial parent will spend of his/her money.


Taxes Page

The Taxes Page shows you how the income taxes for the parties are calculated. The program calculates the tax costs/benefits of alimony by first figuring the taxes as if no alimony

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