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The Effect of Alimony on Itemized Deductions: The amount of allowable Itemized Deductions can vary depending on the amount of alimony since alimony affects the adjusted gross income of the taxpayer and can also affect the phaseout of Itemized Deductions. After the calculation on the Front Page, the amounts shown on the Itemized Deductions Page will be those allowed as if there were no alimony.

The Itemized Deductions Page now has a button that will take you to the Itemized Deductions After The Alimony Adjustment Page, where you can see the same itemized deductions, but adjusted for the change in that party's Adjusted Gross Income because of the alimony. You cannot input itemized deductions on this Page; it is simply for information.


Child Support Factors

This is the area where you will need to enter the information that the Guidelines call for. If there is not to be any child support, simply leave this area alone. Make sure, though, that you are not showing any children for the Husband or the Wife. If a number other than 0 shows up under Child Support in the Results box, you need to double check your entries under Child Support Factors on the Front Page.

Hyperlinks to the Guidelines Instructions: If you click on a label (not the box where you enter the numbers) in the Child Support Factors, such as the Gross Child Care Cost, the program will show you an excerpt from the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines instructions on that topic.

In the first line, enter the number of children that will be with each parent. This applies only to the children of this action, not to Additional Dependents in the home.

Split Custody: Simply enter the number of children that will be with each parent, and the program will automatically recognize a split custody arrangement if there are one or more children with each parent. If there is a split custody arrangement, the program will show "Split Custody Calculation" in red across the bottom of the Results box when the results are calculated.

Shared Custody:

Insert the number of children with the custodial parent. Check the

checkbox for Shared Custody to the left, and the box will show up to the right of the screen

where you will need to enter the number of overnight

visitations with the noncustodial parent.

That box is normally invisible unless the Shared Custody box is checked or highlighted. The program will show "Shared Custody Calculation" in red across the bottom of the Results box when the Results are calculated.

If you want to see the Guidelines Worksheets, click the Child Support button at the top right and you can then go to the Worksheets A, B and C. You cannot enter any information directly on these Worksheets, except for the name of the case at the top of Worksheet A and the names of the children on Worksheet B. All other information for child support must be entered on the Front Page.

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