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14830 107th Ave. NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Home 425-488-0634    Cell 206-491-7956 bkhull@gmail.com

Bradford Hull

Microsoft, Redmond, WA 2004–2004 Program Manager (Contract)

Configuration Management for the Beta program for PowerShell, an object-oriented command shell released first in Exchange.

Developed detailed technical specifications and tests of various language features and functions.

ClassMates.com, Renton, WA 2004 – 2004 Configuration Manager

Maintained environment configurations.

Performed deployment cycles, representing SCM in triage meetings and deployments.

Improved processes being used substantially.

Cray, Inc., Seattle, WA 1996–2004 Configuration Management Lead

Developed entire process and tools for version control, build/test management, and configuration management.

Optimized build/release/deploy/test cycle from unreliable completion results to a reliable 4-6 hour nightly automated run with reports presented daily.

Ran build lab where the nightly and on-demand build/test runs could be completed in a reliable environment, and procedures to enable testers to test on and properly certify versions to be deployed in production.

Provided expert guidance to other departments and project managers on how to meet their SCM needs with version control tools and procedures.

Wrote a tool to generate a web interface to an Oracle database out of its own reports of its data structure, allowing for very rapid and easy tool-building.

Keystroke Technologies, Seattle, WA 2000–2001 Configuration Manager

Instituted Version Control/Configuration Management processes and tools for the company so that their bug tracking and release control became manageable with low overhead.

Instituted sub-releases between in-house groups to increase stability of development and testing efforts.

Taught and evangelized Junit and HTTPUnit testing among developers.

Helped create functional testing framework for complex, multi-tiered product.

Rewrote product build files to greatly improve speed and correctness of results.

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