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Draft Chapter for Strategic Intelligence

children and grandchildren based on easy access  to the actual U.S. federal budget in relation to real world threats and needs.  Militarism will be reduced, poverty and disease will be eliminated, and the USA can rejoin the community of nations as force for good.  Finally, all competing ideologies can be subject to scrutiny and understanding, and the majority of Americans who are not part of the nutty right can come together consensually to limit the damage these people can do to the Republic, while also holding their political and corporate allies accountable for serving America as a whole rather than a lunatic fringe element.

Dramatically redirecting national intelligence toward OSINT will substantially reduce the cost of secrecy, estimated by the Moynihan Commission as being on the order of $6 billion a year (probably closer to $15 billion a year today),41 and will also eliminate perhaps 70% of the costs associated with establishing the trustworthiness of individuals being considered for clearances.  The security and clearance system of the U.S. Government is broken beyond repair.  Not only does it take over two years from most investigations to be completed, but they are generally sub-standard investigations that go through the motions and generally do not detect basic aberrations, such as a fascination with child pornography and online molestation of children, as was the case recently with a senior manager in the Department of Homeland Security.  The fact is that most sheriffs and other state and local officials are not “clearable” for a variety of reasons, and we may as well recognize that not only is OSINT better suited for most national intelligence information sharing, but we really do not need most of the grotesquely expensive and dysfunctional Top Secret“ compartments” (over 400 of them, half in the civilian world and half in the military world) and all the attendant costs, including the costs of ignorance stemming from compartmented information not being shared.  At least at the strategic level, we need a national intelligence system where we are less concerned about betrayal from within, and

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