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Draft Chapter for Strategic Intelligence

more focused on emerging strategic threats to our long-term security and prosperity, threats that must not be limited to man-made capabilities, but include animal borne diseases and other environmental conditions that tend to be shut out from national security decision processes.

Accountability,  Civil Liberties, and Oversight

As all of the preceding sections should have made clear, OSINT is the essential contributing factor to dramatically improving the accountability and oversight of the U.S. Intelligence Community and the policymakers, acquisition managers, and operational commanders that respond to White House Direction.  OSINT is also a means of dramatically enhancing not just civil liberties, but civic engagement in the practice of democracy.  By providing citizens at every level with structured OSINT on any issue for any zip code or other geographic grouping, and by making it possible for citizens to immediately connect with other like-minded citizens and with accountable officials, OSINT in practice is an enabler of a new form of constant engaged informed democracy.  Civil liberty infractions will be broadcast or podcast, rapidly aggregated, and civil pressure brought to bear.  By harnessing citizens are part of the “home guard” and empowering them with immediate and understandable access to indications and warning information, we will dramatically improve the reporting of relevant information, and—through the Community Intelligence Centers—be able to process, make sense of, and act on—or discount—the “bottom up” dots that I am convinced will comprise at least 50% of the relevant dots needed to prevent the next 9-11.

It is also important to emphasize that at the strategic level, we need to be concerned not just with accountability and oversight of secret intelligence, but with the much larger issue of whether Congress and the Executive are being responsible in representing the public interest.  

Version 2.4 dated 7 April 2006

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