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Draft Chapter for Strategic Intelligence

distributed open multinational networks.

3.  Peer-to-Peer (P2P).  “Ground truth” is taking on a whole new meaning as individuals exercise the power to share complex information directly with one another, eliminating the intermediary journals, web sites, and government or media offices that in the past have played the role of editor, judge, and broker of meaning and value.

The power of OSINT at the strategic level can simply not be exaggerated nor underestimated for the simply reason that it harnessed the distributed intelligence of the Whole Earth, in real time as well as in historical memory time, across all languages and cultures.  There isn’t a bureaucracy in the world that can match its networked power.  To drive that point home, consider the game of baseball.  In today’s secret environment, government bureaucrats accustomed to unlimited budgets and secret methods continue to try to win the game by bribing a player (Clandestine Intelligence), putting a “bug” in the dug-out (Signals Intelligence), trying to “sniff” the direction and speed of the ball (Measurements & Signatures Intelligence), or taking a satellite picture of the field every three days (Imagery Intelligence). The new craft of intelligence requires integrates the audience. It uses the collective wisdom of all the participants. It encourages the crowd to participate. Open source intelligence harnesses what everyone sees and knows.  It changes the rules of the game.  Any catch in the stands is an out.  That is how we win against asymmetric opponents who know our Achilles’ heels all too well.

OSINT and Electoral Reform

The USA is a Republic.  An extraordinary characteristic of Republics is that voters have the power to dissolve the government should it become so ineffective or destructive as to warrant

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